Cleveland Ohio 6500 Foreclosures Listing Cheap Hou

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Cleveland Ohio 6500 Foreclosures Listing Cheap Hou

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Dec 29 2007, 02:47 PM #1

The foreclosure engine spit out over 6500 listings of FORECLOSURES...

$90,000 Houses listing for $45,000 and LESS

And the interesting thing is the banks in that region are DUMPING houses right now further driving down the housing prices and leaving people 'down under.' Down under is the term used where even after the sale of their home they would still be left with a sizeable mortgage. In instances like these it makes no sense to own the home but to walk.

Don't believe it go read the engine outputs yourself

People should support Cleveland and BUY A HOUSE, especially retirees from Canada, Britian, Japan, Snowbirdies, Summer Retreaters etc. Please copy and spread the word. Don't let the banks crash their economy by dumping the houses...

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