Announcing A 9/11 Double Feature!

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Announcing A 9/11 Double Feature!

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FREE MOVIE NIGHT May 9th at the Movie Tavern
Reserve your seat! RSVP to

Mark Cuban?/ Charlie Sheen?/ Loose Change Final Edition?

Want to know what all the controversy is about?

Announcing A 9/11 Double Feature!
FREE to the Public!
North Texans for 911 Truth
Proudly presents a special showing of
"Loose Change 2nd Edition" and
"Aftermath: Unanswered Questions from 911"
Guest Speaker - Richard Reeves ( Richard Reeves is an Austin television show host and radio show host. Richard is out on the front lines fighting tooth and nail against the Trans-Texas Corridor and Double Tax tolls. We are thrilled to have him speaking at our movie event.

A year ago Charlie Sheen advised America to watch Loose Change 2nd Edition, which tells a vastly different version of the 9/11 attacks than what we were told. This film has been viewed an estimated 100 million times on Google Video and has been translated into fifteen languages. Charlie Sheen has been called a "kook", a "Patriot", and everything in between.
Recently it was announced that Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks, Magnolia Pictures) is producing and plans to distribute a new updated version of Loose Change titled Loose Change: Final Cut, to be released this summer. Charlie Sheen will narrate.

If you have not seen the film then come and judge for yourself if there is any merit to the controversial version of the horrific events.

Loose Change 2nd Edition will be shown one time only on May 9th, 7:00 P.M. at "The Movie Tavern at Central Park" in Bedford, Texas .

The event is FREE and hundreds of DVD copies of the film (as well as other goodies) will be given away at the event.

Reserve your seat today! RSVP to

The Movie Tavern has a full menu and bar, so bring your appetite.

The Movie Tavern At Central Park is located in Bedford off of 121 and Central. (click here for directions) It is on the South side of 121 in the Central Park shopping center, right behind Chili's Restaurant.
2404 Airport Frwy
Bedford, TX 76022

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when will it come closer to San Antonio ? Bedford is more than a 2 hour drive
San Antonio is predominantly military and hispanic, it will be well-recieved here
new Democratic base springing up in Republican territory. many activists here to
spread the news about Dylan's video, hope he has spanish italics under videos

do you have schedule of future viewings at other locations ?

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