Update on my test results from miscarriages--need advice

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January 10th, 2011, 8:15 pm #21

Agree that 2 copies of the C gene appears to be considered higher risk for m/c issues, but that using Lovenox after 2 miscarriages may be of benefit regardless.

Just to point out that in the case if APS for example, Lovenox AND aspirin would be a standard protocol as aspirin has a different but essential action on platelets that is particularly essential in the treatment of APS. So despite your worries about bleeding (which is NOT necessarily across the board with aspirin and lovenox by the way), this could be one exception don't you think??

Bah humbug!!

I am homozygous, two copies of the dreaded C gene... never took Lovenox, only baby aspirin. Both RE (from THE top clinic in US) and OB said you don't need Lovenox (and in fact it would be dangerous to take it) as your homocysteine levels were never that high. And, I had a history of m/c prior to achieving success with DE.

It really irks me to see non-medical people here (and elsewhere) telling newcomers to get themselves on Lovenox. This is what a doctor -- and only a doctor -- should prescribe on a case by case basis.

I am living proof - and I know of quite a few other women with a similar story - the Lovenox is not necessary. It may work for some, but it is not a drug that should be taken lightly. It is not 'just' a blood thinner. Even on baby aspirin, I had very serious bleeding during my C-section. I probably would have gotten into some real trouble had I been on Lovenox. I know women who go on it in desperation (which I do understand), but they don't seem to realize that it can be very dangerous to take Lovenox. And the docs who prescribe it like candy ought to have their licenses taken away from them.

They simply have not done enough research/testing to really understand MTHFR's impact on conception/pregnancy. Newcomers, please do your research before you decide to take Lovenox.


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"LOVENOX® alters the bloods ability to clot. Excessive bleeding (hemorrhage), leading to death, has occurred with LOVENOX®. Bleeding can occur at any site with LOVENOX® use. *The use of aspirin and other NSAIDs may enhance the risk of excessive bleeding.* Be sure to tell all your doctors and dentist about all of the medications you are taking, including those you are taking without a prescription, such as aspirin or other NSAIDs. Also be sure to tell your doctor or dentist you are taking LOVENOX® before any surgery is scheduled and before any new drug is taken.

All patients should be carefully monitored by their doctor while taking LOVENOX®. Your doctor is likely to obtain blood tests that measure your blood count and check for signs of hidden bleeding while you are on LOVENOX®."




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Hi ladies,
Not sure if any of you remember me, I had two miscarriages with donor egg (got pregnant both times, miscarried both time). I am hoping for any insight you guys might have!

The D&C came back normal chromosomally (female though, so could be erroneous).
All my immune and clotting tests came back NORMAL, except MTHFR BUT i do not have elevated homocysteine levels so Dr said it was not relevant (apparently almost 1/2 the population has a mutation here, only a certain one causes problems).

My RE wants to go ahead with the last embryos we have, using low dose aspirin (we used this before, he uses it on all his patients) and Lovenox as a protective measure. My Gyno wants to me to go see a reproductive immunologist, who can rule out anything else before we cycle with our last embryos (why do the stakes have to be so high?). I have scheduled this appointment but am freaking out as we are now self pay and I know the reproductive immune stuff can be waaaaaay pricey.

Anyway, I am wanting to know what you guys think: 2 miscarriages (one after heartbeat!) and no apparent problems?? Any thoughts?


I am continually astounded about the amount of info I gain from this group.
Thanks to everyone who responded...I am going to talk to my RE about the bleeding risks with Lovenox. I also want to ask him about Folgard, as that seems to be beneficial as well. I am also going to the Reproductive Immunologist (Dr Stephenson, in Chicago, supposedly world renowned) and see what she thinks is a good plan I assume she will test for those dreaded NK cells. I really hope to God I don't have a problem with those.

I will keep everyone posted. Additionally, I am gearing up to get another donor if this cycle fails. We will try one more time before moving to adoption. Although by that time we will probably be old and poor......truly not how I ever saw myself and my family. But I guess we can't control "the plan" can we? I will just do the best I can to make this work, exhausting all possibilities.

Thanks again ladies, it's been a long road for me and you have all been there each step of the way!