i dreamed i had an obe!!

i dreamed i had an obe!!


December 9th, 2001, 4:21 pm #1

okay i was at a party at a friend of mine, so i stayed over.

Anyway here is my dream:
I got woken up by the other peps was noisy, i tried getting of the cought but i had SP but seemed to get out of it quickly, anyway i talked to a friend of mine but he did seem to ignore me!! I went to the kitchen to get my cola but when i walked i feelt kinda light and felt the weird vibrations i thought to myself wtf??
i then looked back at the living room and guess who was i saw laying in the cough?? me!! And suddently my physical body opened its eyes i got back into my body and woke up!! This time for real.

But soon i found out it was just in a dream because in real life everyone was sleeping and i was sleeping in a chair, not the cough.

But at the moment i thought i really had an OBE, everything else seemed real except that my physical body was in wrong place....

But still it was amazing to see my body from outside.

also it was cool that when my body opened the eyes i woke up!