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Forum Rules and policies. JUNKYARDAIRGUNS FORUM RULES 03-12-2018

1.       You must be 18 and older

2.     All posts must be mature in nature and civilized.   Please control foul language, pornography, sexually explicit material and any provocative photos are strictly forbidden. They will be deleted and you may be banned. Please control profanity, disguised or otherwise unfit behavour.

3.      Any material posted that is illegal, immoral or unethical will be deleted
4.      Criminal airgun activity reported in the media is not welcome here. Such as newspaper articles, TV reports, internet articles on police.

5.      Do not post copyrighted material.  Make sure rights are not violated.
6.        instigating with the purpose of drawing people into highly argumentative situations and wasting of bandwidth is a cause for deletion and/or banning.

7.       DO NOT reply to trolls. THIS IS A MUST.

8. No Personal racial slurs, please control foul language or insults and no offensive pictures. KEEP IT CLEAN!
9.  LDC , moderator and shrouds  discussion can  be addressed on this forum using that terminology . No mention of suppressors or silencers  PERIOD.

10. No illegal (US Law) or unethical material..

11.  Light FIREARM PB talk is allowed. No mods alowed! No Mention of sales or vendors that supply said guns. By keeping it clean I mean let's not create any attention not need for an AIRGUN Forum. This rule change will be monitored.

12. NO gun collections in your signature. It plugs up the search engines preventing YOU from finding the info you need.

13. As the owner I reserve the rights at any time to remove or not allow posting at my discretion and or my moderators to edit any posts.

14. As the owner I reserve the right to at anytime move any posts that are posted to the proper location.

15. Responses to emails on forum matters is of the utmost importance and a no response or action to any request will be reviewed for actions.

16. No discussions of Race, Religion, and government politics are allowed on this sight.                                             NO personal attacks on members. If you feel you have been offended please contact the me.

18. Any post deleted by moderators or owner shall not be reposted unless confirmed by poster contacting LOBOWHITEFANG/FANG/OC (FORUM OWNER). If no contact concerning the deleted post it will be deleted and your Ip will be blocked till Owner is contacted.

19. If the merchandise you received from such business was not as promised then you have the right to contact the dealer and rectify it. If you do not get satisfaction, email the owner of this forum, before making any post.

 *All rules are enforced by the Forum owners, with discretion as needed. Those that habitually disregard these rules WILL BE banned from JUNKYARD AIRGUN forum.

## Information given on this web site and in any emails or phone conversations is given freely for general information or reading enjoyment. JUNKYARD AIRGUN'S and, aka FANG ,DOES NOT assume ANY responsibility for any reader attempting to repair, modify or replace parts. You assuming the information is current and accurate is your personal responsibility. However in the end you must take all responsibility for any actions that you undertake with safety a number one priority. Please do not attempt any repairs if you are not qualified to do so. Air guns can be dangerous in the wrong hands causing serious injury or death. Plan your actions carefully and strive to be safe at all time's repairing or shooting your airguns. ## FANG
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