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  • December 1, 2106

    Through the darkness there will be a light.

    Yes, these are dark times. This is not something to be contested. No doubt by now you have heard about the signs in the sky. These signs, eerily similar to those of the deceased Dark Lord, now haunt the skies above Maltavia and the Death Eater Headquarters, each appearing in their respective order. They possess the same basic structure - a skull with a snake slithering through its mouth - but have been altered to look even more atrocious than the original had ever hoped to be. Horns have sprouted on the top of the skull, and a forked tail has grown out the back, completing the image of a horrific demon - a demon, most believe, whose goal is to bring fear into the hearts of many.

    Who, you may ask yourself, would cast the spell that sent these haunting figures into the sky, blackening and disfiguring them? This we do not know. However, although we do not know his or her identity, the Chancellor will find them. He will find them and right what has been wrong. The culprit has done these things to ignite the fear that had been dwelling in our hearts for years under the Dark Lord's rule.

    But do not give into that fear, dear reader. Athough our ingenius Chancellor McCarthy has yet to discover the identity of the culprit or a way to rid the skies of these detestable and frightening images, the sun will shine soon. Just like it vanishes to give way to the night and reappears every morning, so it will reappear again once the Chancellor and his team of experts finally find the cure for this ailment of the sky. So keep your head held high, dear reader, for this darkness will soon meet its demise. Chancellor McCarthy will catch the culprit, and justice will be served.</li>