League-leading lamplighters and comments...

League-leading lamplighters and comments...

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December 8th, 2010, 8:00 pm #1

James Woodcroft, Brampton- 36
Justin Basso, Georgetown- 34...both of these should reach the fifty mark..18 games to go.
Zach Hyman, Hamilton- 27 in 25 games..needs 23 in 18..possible for 50.
Patrick Marsh, Burlington- 27..a banner season for the well-travelled forward.
Kyle Morrison, St. Michael's- 27 ..big year for the sophomore Buzzer...first player not from the West.
Greg Gibson, Hamilton- 26..moving up fast.
Behn Robertson, Markham- 25
Zack LaRue, Markham- 24
Christian Powers, Hamilton- 24
Patrick Stillar, Burlington- 23
Pat Conte, Buffalo- 23
Lukas Ciotti, Kingston- 22, top goalscorer in the East tied with..
Troy Barss, Peterborough- 22
Matt Neal, Stouffville- 21
Josh Ocampo, Brampton- 21, reliable scorer for the Caps.
Kyle Wilhelm, Kingston - 20
Joe Zarbo, Wellington- 20
Evan Jasper, Cobourg- 19..ten more goals than assists.
Jamie Kendra, Markham- 19
Daniel Ciampini, St. Michael's- 19..got 42 last season.
Duston Hebebrand, Georgetown- 19
Blake Sexton, Cobourg- 19
Kevin Balas, Newmarket- 19
Morgan Bonner, Newmarket- 19
Nick Marinac, Streetsville- 19


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December 9th, 2010, 12:11 am #2

woodcroft basso hyman all reach 50