New Content For HS Main Website

New Content For HS Main Website

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It's been a while since I had time to add new content to the HS site, but I'm happy to say that updates have begun once again, we have an article by Ann Walker on the Medicinal Herbs Of La Palma In December 2011 Ann Walker and her husband Alan holidayed in beautiful La Palma, in her latest article Ann shares with us some of the medicinal herbs she found on her trip, many not disimilar to what we find in the UK.

" The island is volcanic and mountainous, and the varying altitudes create diverse habitats and ecosystems. Many plants are unique to La Palma (the correct term is endemic). In fact, almost all the wild plants growing in the Canaries are endemic to these islands, and at first sight, many seem very familiar. "

And also Part 2 of Sarah Head's Sweet Violet, The Scent Of Spring (Viola odorata) article ... let-p2.htm)

Last year Sarah Head brought us the first part of her interesting article on the Sweet Violet, that wonderful fragrant herb that heralds spring and childhood to many of us. Part 2 is now live on the website, the article contains Sarah's recipe for making Violet Syrup... 'I first came across this syrup in Susun Weed's "Healing Wise" book and Zoe Hawes uses the same methodology in her recipe for violet syrup in "Wild drugs, a forager's guide to healing plants". '

Coming very soon will be a new article on Herbal Dyeing and also an article on spring herbs. If you'd like to contribute an article to the HS website then drop me an email. More articles and continued development of the website will occur over the next few months so please keep dropping by to see what's new.