Medical History: Women as medical practitioners

Medical History: Women as medical practitioners

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Just in case anybody missed the radio 4 Woman's Hour broadcast on the 13th February 2008 which featured the segment 'Medical History: Women as medical practitioners' the link is here:- ... _wed.shtml

The premise of the segment is this "The first woman officially to qualify as a doctor in this country was Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, although she had to complete her medical training in France. It was only in 1876 – several years after she began to practice, that the law was changed to grant women admission to English medical schools. But women did play a big role in medicine at home – cooking up herbs and potions and looking after the health of the family. Claudia Hammond visits the medical historian Ornella Moscucci to see Dr Lesley Hall, the archivist at the Wellcome Library in London and to look at a recipe book dating from 1692."