The Rules for the RPG

PLEASE read the rules here before posting your hamster profile.

The Rules for the RPG

Town-Ham! You earn a sunflowerseed!
Town-Ham! You earn a sunflowerseed!
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1. No n00bish talk like "u" "ph3r" and that in the RPGs.

2. Swearing is NOT allowed.

3. Sexaul things are not allowed. Kissing and backrubbing is not :hamahama:.

4. You can post YOUR OWN fanfics if your character is reading a book. You can post YOUR OWN fanart to show what your painting, drawing or showing. You can post mid players or sites with music playing in the background so others will know what your singing or whatever.


5. Posting fanart, fanfics and/or sites for no reason is not allowed.

6. You can only have children with your married hubbie. Cheating and raping is strictly not allowed.

7. Double posting and spamming is NOT ALLOWED in the RPG

8. DO NOT steal in this game. You cannot steal anything in this RPG.

9. NO NOT steal someone's keys to a house or break into a house.

10. You cannot kill other ham-hams. You cannot make NPC's kill things. You can kill yourself... but you must choose to stay dead or be a ghost.

More rules may be added so it's best to check in here once in awhile.
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