New web site details how DIA manipulates intelligence on US POWs

New web site details how DIA manipulates intelligence on US POWs

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New web site details how DIA manipulates intelligence on US POWs
Pentagon cover-up of POWs is still happening today
By John LeBoutillier
June 06, 2007

Have you ever wanted to see exactly how our government is deceiving the American people?

The authors of AN ENORMOUS CRIME; The Definitive Account of US POWs Abandoned in SE Asia , former US Congressman Bill Hendon and MIA daughter/lawyer Elizabeth A. Stewart, have launched

This massive new site provides the `meat on the bones' for one of the most controversial charges in the book: that the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) deliberately `cherry-picks' and plays fast and loose with first-hand, live-sighting intelligence - as well as overhead aerial and satellite photography - beginning in 1983-1984 and continuing to this day.

This manipulation of intelligence information began during an intense period in Washington DC: POW activists were pushing the Reagan Administration to bring our men home and the bureaucracy was desperate to discredit the mounting evidence that indeed hundreds of our POWs were left behind and were still there.

Over 100 pages of a new and unique chapter is now available on this shocking and perfidious behavior at under the heading:
The 1983-84 cover-up, how it was structured, how it was sustained.

All you have to do is to click on that listing on the main page - and start reading. You will see 15 cases of US POWs sighted after the end of the Vietnam War - when supposedly all our men had already been returned.

But, alas, you will soon see a pattern: DIA analysts - when faced with credible evidence of US POWs at a specific place at a specific time - often spotted by multiple independent sources who never even knew each other - come up with the most deceitful and dishonest ways to `close' the case and ignore the cries for help from our still-serving American servicemen.

Indeed, this is a DIA cover-up in action - witnessed by you, the reader, right as it happens.

For example, to discredit multiple sources who saw US POWs after the end of the war in 1973, the DIA analysts did the following things:

* Took a sighting of ten US POWs forced to carry lumber and explained it away as the work of two 4-foot tall boys who used water buffalos to carry lumber;

* Took the secret "USA K Escape and Evasion code" (pictured on the cover of the book) - which could only have been placed by a US airman and was photographed in 1988 - and said it was the work of a 6-year old Laotian boy copying a US postage stamp;

* Took multiple sightings of US POWs in a POW camp in the northern part of North Vietnam - under a thick triple-canopy jungle - and said that because no aerial or satellite photography was possible, that such a camp could not exist;

* Took a credible sighting by a friendly foreign diplomat of 20-30 US POWs in 1983 in a new detention facility on the outskirts of Hanoi and discredited the sighting by claiming the facility was not a POW Camp but was in fact a "luxury hotel for VIPs."

* Took another report of 20 US POWs at a prison in southern Vietnam in the early 1980s and discredited it by claiming that there was no prison there; instead there was only a PAVN (North Vietnamese Army) cemetery there.

* Took cases of satellite imagery of Escape and Evasion signals placed in rice paddies and fields by US airmen and discredited them by claiming they were "natural vegetation" or "shadows."

This is not in the past!

This is an ongoing cover-up inside our Pentagon.

Sources report that new - and credible - live-sighting reports of US POWs held today against their will in Vietnam and Laos are still coming into the Pentagon.

You can rest assured they are getting the same treatment that all the previous cases have received.

Please read the material at at once. We have a duty to our American comrades still being held against their will to do more than we are doing now to bring them home alive.

And then go buy AN ENORMOUS CRIME - and read the entire sordid tale of how our government has abandoned these men.

This issue goes to the heart and soul of America: with 200,000 troops now serving in Iraq, all of them and their families - and all of you, need to know how our own government behaves behind closed doors.

Now - for the first time ever - you can see for yourself at

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