LAST Korean War Project Newsletter...

LAST Korean War Project Newsletter...

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October 28th, 2006, 10:00 pm #1

Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 12:22:31 -0500 (CDT)
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Subject: Korean War Project Closing

Korean War Project Newsletter - Oct. 28 2006
Volume 9 # 5

This will be the last entry on our newsletter
which has been outgoing
since November of 1998. The newsletter has
reached hundreds of
thousands of veterans, family, students and
governmental workers.

I have good news to report and some sad news. So,
let's get started
with the good news. You know we do not like to
print bad news. It
cannot be avoided today.

1. Letters to the Lost - Korea

On October 23rd, 2006 Hal announced a program to
have our site
visitors participate in a letter writing campaign
to honor those who
perished during the war in Korea, 1950-1953 and

The letter reading is to take place at the Korean
War Veterans Memorial
on Nov 11th, 2006. Right afterwards a group of
our pen pals, DMZ Vets
from the 68-70 time frame will hold a ceremony to
honor their comrades
and all those who perished before them.

The response from all our visitors has been
fantastic. Many have
requested to attend to read or simply stand and

2. Korean War Project Leaves the Air, possible

Yes, we are in the process of closing down our
entire operation.

A wakeup call was made on October 5th, 2006 when
Hal and I were
viciously attacked by the President of the KWVA -
The Korean War
Veterans Association, Louis T. (Lou) Dechert, LTC
USA (Ret.).

Mr. Dechert made public accusations that Hal and
I had stolen email or
surface mail contact information from the
Association. He also made it
look like he was not familiar with us in any

Actually, all the email addresses were in my
Outlook Address Book from
the KWVA election of 2004 or earlier/later. The
mailing list is public
information on the official website of the KWVA

Hal and I were actual contract employees of the
KWVA in July of 2004.
As well, Mr. Dechert and 8 other Board Members
are members of the
Korean War Project.

We have no idea what verbal or private email
assault has been made on
the KWP or individually against Hal and I. Mr.
Dechert has many ROK
governmental ties, many ties to the US Department
of Defense and the
White House as well as KWP members.

We believe the KWVA will sue us through their
staff Counsel,
James (Jimmie) Faircloth, Jr., a nationally known
litigator who was
in the news during the Abramoff - Coushatta Tribe
Google him.)

There is simply no way the KWP could afford to
defend a lawsuit even a
totally frivolous one.

Our crime? Sending a simple email and letter
inviting KWVA members to
visit the Korean War Project.

Over the past 11 plus years almost every KWVA
Chapter has had contact
with us via the website. That includes large
numbers of individual

If any of our visitors wants to contact the KWVA
for more information
from the other side, the contact data is:

Louis T. Dechert, President KWVA
163 Deerbrook Trail
Pineville, LA 71360

PH: (318) 641-8033
FX: (318) 640-8312


The National Capitol Area Office
4600 Duke St. Ste 420
Alexandria, VA 22304

Ph: (703) 212-0695

3. Korean War Project Leaves the Air, Finances

The shock from being slammed also brought Hal and
I to our senses.

The income for the nonprofit continues to slide
due to cost of living
or death of our donor base.

Over the decade we both have made up the
difference in operating
costs by using our credit cards. We now have over
$26,000.00 combined
credit card debt that will not wait to be

What?, you say! Yep, maybe not smart on our part
but the desire to make
the site work has been compulsive.

Why didn't you tell us? Those who have chosen to
donate to us did so
within their individual capability. We could not
have asked for more
from those very generous people or groups.

But, out of the 8000 persons (on average) that
visit the website daily,
only one (on average) donates $10.00. Several
million folks visit each

We have had pledge drives but the majority of
folks declined to donate.
Many folks just could not do so. That is all
AOKAY. Our goal was to
provide a service anyone could utilize.

The notice on our Membership page indicates
possibilty of remaining.
Let's qualify that statement. We would love to
continue, fnancial
praticality says otherwise.

It would take a commercial grade donation from an
institution or
presently unknown indivdual to remain online.

Goobye and Good Luck!

Hal and Ted Barker
Korean War Project
PO Box 180190
Dallas, TX 75218

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