Vees' Ludlow (Junior) Harris

Vees' Ludlow (Junior) Harris

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February 10th, 2012, 11:22 pm #1

When the rumours were flying around that the Vees were in the hunt for one more sniper, Junior Harris came up.He cleared the league hurdles and settled in to play for the Vees, a team he wanted all along to play for.

After my 37 year old retired soccer phenom son, Adam saw him play a couple of times, he wasn't impressed with Harris's theatrics. But he did say that Junior would be a point a game guy for the Vees, in the end. No Tyler Melancon, he said, but a good player nonetheless.

Well it has turned out exactly as he said it would. Junior Harris has stepped up and provided the Vees' brass with what they expected of him coming in.

He has put up eleven points in eleven games he has played thus far. He's been pretty consistent throughout but he has been blanked in four of the eleven he's played.

Only Wellington, Trenton, Toronto JC's, and North York Rangers have managed to blank him on the scoreboard. It might be expected that two top East teams would do a good job of shut down given the sturdy defence they can match up against him.

But the South's less than touted Rangers and Junior Canadians?

If Junior really wants to make a difference in the coming playoffs, he and his teammates are going to have to find another gear to ratchet up their play come playoff time.

Few players have that extra gear and we are about to find out who, of the Vees, has it.

Stay tuned.

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