Fiat Bravo Modified Car & Number Plate (B20AVO) - Spares or Repairs

Fiat Bravo Modified Car & Number Plate (B20AVO) - Spares or Repairs

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Hi Everyone,

The car I'm selling is my Fiat Bravo 1.6SX 3Door Petrol 1997 and number plate B20AVO.

I'm selling due to a new a new addition to the family, its been sitting on my drive for 3months now and finally decided it needs a new home.

I am also selling the number plate, either with the car or will transfer / put onto certificate depending the best offer.

I'm stuck in 2 minds what to do with the car currently, I will either sell complete to someone or I'd concider breaking it up if you all want parts of it for your own car.

The car currently does not have an MOT or TAX and is on my drive declared sorn.

I'll be very open about the issues I know with the car so you can make your own mind up.

When I stopped using it 3months ago it the car working and started perfectly everytime. There are no mayor engine or mechanical issues that I am aware of.

The only isses I know about follow:
1) The rear brake calipers and shoes are fully worn and need replacing.
2)The power steering system has a leak and leaks fluid.
3)The hand brake sensor is turning on when handbrake is not active.

The general car condition is good with some minor scrapes on body work etc and front and back bumper need work or replacing.

The interior is fully leather with 16v on, cost around £500.

When at its best the car worn many compertitions and just needs some tlc to bring back to life, it is the perfect base model.

Let me know if you have any questions and please email me your requests etc.



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Craig Parker
Craig Parker

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Just wanted to let you all know the car and plate is still for sale, I'm looking to sell quick so will listen to silly offers!

Let me know,