belt holder

belt holder

KlassiK Kreepy
KlassiK Kreepy

May 22nd, 2012, 3:15 pm #1

ya raps got my eye board,
without the blackberry ya useless u a cyborg
score it.. i know bitches that dog dick.. flawless
ya miserable cz ya poor piss
how could ya fault this my pockets stuffed rigormortis
i got those fast bunnys that keep my kicks looking like norris
all fist like i juss fired u and kick u outta my office
u sweet cornish, be gone fish, for i put u on sure list
if u big im enormus, clear air guess im da strong gust
von huts, calm nuts, don struts, watchin thongs lust
lettin that long bust so dont alarm us swarmers...
beside ya raps are creating yawners,
dont object, remember ya honor, i got more hands up than e. honda
jane fonda, lane finder, screamin hey boma



May 22nd, 2012, 7:02 pm #2

nigga i been in da static, dont make it tragic,
u aint cut from my frabic,
now patch it, or end up in the casket,
i make u dissapear magic plus my juan got a habit
acid bone thinner lone winnner use a lone litter
prolly phone getter, im a crome spitter... prone nigga
plus my holmes bigger ask ya wife im home hitter
and im known nigga, my zone trigger...