Paranormal Captivity 3

Paranormal Captivity 3


October 24th, 2011, 6:10 pm #1

2 1/2 out of 5 Cookies

Like a firework, these movies work exactly 1 time. Since most of the movie is sitting around waiting for stuff to happen, they don't work well for a re-watch.

Not sure how all the stuff here fits in with 2 since I don't remember that well, but since 1 had a pretty simple story, I didn't feel like the continuity was completely synced up. In the first one the chick is all like, 'me and my sister were haunted when we were kids and now its back', forgetting to mention murders, child custody arrangements, covens, etc. which is all part of the back story.

That being said, who gives a shit. Mrs. got spooked sufficiently and it was an okay time at the movies.

Also, I would say a fully 50% of the stuff in this trailer is NOT in the movie, which is sorta weird on its own.

Here's the list of differences:

"Scenes that were cut include the girls playing the Bloody Mary, the girls huddling in the kitchen, the girls knocking on the closet door, the mother being flung onto the bed, the house on fire, any scene with the priest, the scribbles all over the storage space walls, Kristi throwing water on the demon and it flinging furniture around in front of the mother, Kristi walking along the balcony railing, jumping off, then running back up the stairs."