Ain't Nothing But A G Thang

Ain't Nothing But A G Thang

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Ha Ha, I indicated in a post yesterday to Trooper that I bet it wouldn’t be long until the official forum closed itself down, hey presto would you adam & eve it!
By taking this decision they have managed to alienate the fan base even more, anger us even more, give more credibility to DYPAM and have lost credibility themselves.
Did they honestly think that the fan base would not revolt when the announcement of Glyn’s demise was made especially in the manner the board chose to rely it.
Anyone who is involved in the club in any way shape or form knows that Glyn was the heartbeat drive and passion within the boardroom; he was a doer rather then a sayer.

I have known Glyn as a face in his purple striped shell suit in the crowd from the Old Town Stand for years, it is only these past couple of years that I have got to know Glyn personally and this man would bleed Yellow & Green if you cut him in half, not bad considering that he is a Widnesian!
I have witnessed at first hand his efforts, efforts I was only to willing to support him in, flyer and promotion drops, getting him auction items for his sports evenings etc…
He has put the other board members to shame, the rest of the board play with the club like a little boy with a train set, Glyn and the fans don’t want to derail this train, we would just like to play with it a little bit ourselves, been a trust member I felt it entitled us to do so. Would I help and assist any of the other current board members, with the exception of Urky the answer would be a resounding no.

It is quite clear that Derek & Hedley & Steve & Ramsden etc… wish to come riding into Runcorn on a white horse and chariot taking all the plaudits for our Return 2 Runcorn. Without Glyn the pot that is displayed on the official forum would only contain the change you find in a tramps polystyrene cup!
Talking of Tramps, there is more life in a Tramps vest then what exists on the board!

The forum apart from been a chance for us to air our views was used for detail and info on the Travel Club, the Tote, Supporters Teams etc…. ideas for extra income such as my £50 & £100 1st game admission club, yet they have wiped the lot off.

It really is pathetic and shows the board in the light they should be viewed, some of these board members were active themselves many years back in Sack The Board campaigns against Robinson, the Doc etc…yet take great offence when members of the fan base question them and take them to task on issues, glass houses, stones etc…

I feel sorry for Wilkes and the Players, it will be interesting to see how many fans we have at our first game of the season at Witton, I am not calling for a boycott of the game, everyone can make there own minds up, but I feel at this moment that I can’t attend, something dramatic needs to happen, the Trust members have to become more involved in the running of the club.

I never joined the Trust to make a £5 donation to the club, I joined the Trust to get involved, I am sure our fivers are making a contribution, but the people arnt, and that I thought was the whole point of the Trust, an EGM needs to be called immediately.

New Linnet
New Linnet

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Alright Spenner,
Didn't realise you had come out of exile on the forum yesterday too. Hopefully you'll be there at some of the pre season games at least, will catch up with you then.

You've stolen a fair bit of my thunder with something I was in the process of putting together. Couldn't agree more with what you've put.
Good to see you mention the past sins of some in relation to attitudes towards a board/committee. If you can't stand the heat ...

My trust membership is up for renewal next month. After the contempt shown by a number of members of the board (who are only trust members themselves lest it be forgotten) I definitely will not be renewing (the two previous years I had added a small donation too). I got involved expecting something much better. Something that I could actually feel a part of where all worked in tandem with a common goal. I had looked on in admiration of what AFC Wimbledon and FC United had done and was expecting something similar, albeit on a smaller scale of course.
Now that Glyn is out of the equation what are we left with in terms of drive?
As for leading the club back to Runcorn I wouldn't back any of those that are left to be able to lead water down a plughole.

Last thing, blowing Glyn up for wearing a purple striped shellsuit. Bit harsh that mate
I can see the headlines now

It could only be eclipsed by BOARD TAKE NOTE OF FANS, now that would be a headline.

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