Buy a Scottish Barony Title

Buy a Scottish Barony Title

Scott McKay
Scott McKay

December 13th, 2009, 1:23 pm #1

Buy a Scottish Barony Title

Ah, the life of a Scottish baron is for me. And it is so easy to become a Baron. All you need is money!

According to a web site that claims to sell Scottish titles:

Scottish barons, depending upon their inclination, often take an active part in the affairs of their barony. One baron has recently helped towards the restoration of the village hall and War Memorial. Another baron has recently endowed an annual prize for the best student at the local agricultural college.

There is no typical profile of the modern baron. Many barons have purchased their baronies to cement their family ties with Scotland. Others because of their keen interest in Scottish history and some because they wanted to treat themselves to something unique.

Baronies in former times were commercial in nature in that barons drew their incomes from their lands. Today many barons use their baronial status to further their business interests. Baronial names may be entered onto passports, credit cards etc. and the baron's coat of arms, if he/she possesses arms, may be displayed on letterheads. A barony title is not a peerage title in the sense that the holder can sit in the House of Lords but is a personal dignity. Most barony titles predate most peerage titles.

Prices for a Scottish barony start at £100,000 ($162,000 US) and go up. The Barony of MacDonald was up for sale at over £1 million. Most of the buyers reportedly are from America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. There is but one problem: the claims of title are often disguised as something else. In fact, the title might be genuine, but it isn't worth much.

You cannot purchase a genuine British or Scottish title, with one exception: the feudal title of a Scottish baron. To be sure, a Scottish title of baron can be purchased, but it isn't what you might think it is. Scottish baronage titles that can be purchased are feudal titles, not peerage titles. Feudal titles do not allow the title holder to a seat in Parliament, nor do they hold land. In medieval days, feudal barons served as judges and also as advisers to the king. Sometimes they were referred to as "the King's companions." However, those roles have since died out. Today's feudal barons have no legal authority whatsoever. The title also is not passed on to heirs after the death of the original title holder.

Feudal baronages should never be confused with peerage baronages, which do have some authority, usually are associated with land holdings, are passed on to the eldest male heir, and are never available for sale.

His Royal Highness Prince Charles holds many peerage titles, including Baron of Renfrew. Purchasing a feudal baronage does not place you in the same category as Price Charles!

In short, purchasing a feudal title of Baron shows everyone that you are a wealthy fool and little else.

If you are tempted to purchase a title from some online web site, you might want to first check out these sites:

Fake Titles at

The Journalists' & Authors' Guide to Heraldry and Titles at

Noble Titles in

"Solicitor accused of aiding 'bogus' trade in feudal titles" at ... 187689.ece

Finally, you really need the advice of a solicitor (lawyer) who is licensed to practice law in the area of the alleged title. In other words, if you are considering purchasing a Scottish title, you need to first hire a solicitor in Scotland to handle the transaction for you. Listen closely to his or her advice.

Many of the titles being offered today are nothing more than a pretty bit of paper you can put on your wall. They have no other value.

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James McKay
James McKay

December 13th, 2009, 8:14 pm #2

Hi Scott, Fellow Clansfolk,
A great article Scott!
The 'bottom' line though, to all our Friends on this Forum - is - dinny part wi' a 'bawbee' of your precious, hard earned 'shillings'!! The main objective of all this 'guff' is to earn someone ELSE money!
Romance about the 'auld country' should be restricted to what many of the 'guid fowk' are already doing on the Mackay Forum, namely, try to trace your roots (if possible), come back and visit us, maintain a fond interest from 'whence' you came, be PROUD of your Scots Heritage (we're not ALL that bad!) Some of the Greatest Inventions came from these Fair Isles - and also, (apart from our Irish Cousins) some of the greatest BLARNEY!!
If you want to be ROMANTIC give your Romance to your Families, your Friends and the United States of America. Keep your 'sponduliks' in your SPORRAN!!!
Kindest Regards, Jim