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Forum Rules


July 25th, 2005, 1:10 pm #1

Welcome to my personal web page, and thank you all who have posted information here and have helped the site obtain such a professional status. Your participatiion and demeanor are greatly admired and appreciated.

Please be aware that I am hosting this web site for fun, and to share information I believe is of value to others. This is being done at my personal expense of time and money. In order to maintain the integrity of this site and respect the time and intent expended by everyone, the following rules are in effect:

1. I reserve the right to block any ISP address from posting or delete any post for any reason, without explanation.

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As of February 16, 2006, there have been no instances where this rule has had to be used, but it is posted here for liability reasons, and to be used as a reference point in the event there are any questions, or a need for action.

Paul Pletcher
Forum owner and moderator

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