3....EXTERIOR Maintenance

3....EXTERIOR Maintenance

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EXTERIOR Maintenance (Gel Coat, Polishing, Teak) Updated February 22, 2008

Before and After, George Klein show us how to take one with lots of wear and make it look new again!

NEW >>>Mark Weller does varnish ( and some links to SCHOONER 96 )
http://www.network54.com/Forum/424840/m ... 1202489422

NEW >>>Awlgrip color matching
http://www.network54.com/Forum/424840/m ... 1198797155

NEW >>>Commander paint matching
http://www.network54.com/Forum/424840/m ... 1176306201

NEW >>>Schooner 96 ( The best varnish )
http://www.network54.com/Forum/424840/m ... 1187139617

NEW >>>Commander toe rail sealant
http://www.network54.com/Forum/424840/m ... 1184045566

NEW >>>Chris Craft Dealer Service Hourly Time Charts ( Robert DaPron Information )
http://www.network54.com/Forum/424840/m ... 1182552927

NEW >>>36 Commander Sport Fisherman, VOLERE, Teak Refinishing ( Scott Keefer )
http://www.network54.com/Forum/424840/m ... 1168135823

(Note added): Anyone looking for TEAK maintenance, replacement, and refinishing, please also check the following link. It is an entire section in the MASTER INDEX FILE dedicated to the subject.
http://www.network54.com/Forum/503931/t ... 1149537838

Haul out for bottom paint. An 11-day marathon that included new props and shafts.
http://www.network54.com/Forum/424840/m ... 1152328119

Teak refinishing (old thread, cross-linked to this location)
http://www.network54.com/Forum/424840/m ... 1126975515

Painting the Commander Hull (old thread, cross-linked to this location)
http://www.network54.com/Forum/503931/t ... 1149538175

General buffing and polishing
http://www.network54.com/Forum/424840/m ... 1134916382

Poly Glow exterior finish system
http://www.network54.com/Forum/424840/m ... 1138847521

Window Frame Braces (an interesting owner modification)
http://www.network54.com/Forum/424840/m ... 1139538861

Plexus Product Endorsement, good for plastic, windows, etc.
http://www.network54.com/Forum/424840/m ... 1138637844

Custom Teak Step Pads (Photo)
http://www.network54.com/Forum/424840/m ... 1138393930

Gel Coat Paint Match
http://www.network54.com/Forum/424840/m ... 1137957577

TRADITION getting new bottom paint in Nashville

MANY THANKS to everyone who has contributed to the information in these files. This forum will always be a work in progress. Its a way to file away all of my Commander information for personal use, and its also a way to share it with anyone else who may be interested, or who may need the info (for their personal and non-commercial purposes), or may want to post, ask questions, etc. Because much of the information on the forum is not checked for accuracy, represents opinions in some cases from unknown sources, and may represent a safety or personal/financial liability if acted upon, the information in this forum and Master Index is offered with the very best of intentions, but it MUST be validated by the user before utilization. If anyone sees a link in this index that does not work, of finds any inaccuracies, please post a note and Ill try to fix it!
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