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October 12th, 2011, 4:25 am #1

whats the status of rupert? its a very disapointing time for rampage hockey right now and i feel for their fans. they came to kitimat with a completely diferent team. i know this past weekend was their longest trip and im hoping they can put together something to save their year. its important for the league that they compete and finish rather than drop out completely. i know their are fines that go along with this and deservingly they should pay them. this situation is really hard on the league and gives it a black mark. im optimistic rupert pride will come through and some boys will step up and play for their town that helped them through a great last season and provided some great hockey memories.

i see the league being very well balanced and defiantly im my opinion the quality of hockey is improved. the demons are a much deeper team this year, but with smithers much improved with millar and wall, terrace being a big surprise this year and very competitive, hazelton gaining confidence especially after getting a dose of what they usually taste, houston getting younger with their vets experience, quesnel with the new engery and home talent and williams lake with kitimat boys along with the fullers are probably the most skillful team in the league. i say its up for grabs

great winter of hockey ahead