playoff pool?

playoff pool?

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January 21st, 2011, 8:59 pm #1

the forum would be lacking without a playoff pool!
i was thinking 16 players where you have to pick from 6 teams(you must have players from 6 teams). each person in the pool would be responsible for posting their pool totals at the end of each weekend. it might work, it might not. good luck to all teams in the post season and safe travels.

1 PR rob millar
2 PR brett stava
3 PR colt stava
4 PR chris woodrow
5 KIT ian coleman
6 KIT craig hewitson
7 KIT daniel mayer
8 KIT jeff mildenberger
9 TER tristan murray
10 SMI daryl young
11 SMI ryan devries
12 WL francis johnson
13 WL paul girodat
14 WL brent mcisaak
15 WL wilfred robbins
16 BL steve wilejto


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January 21st, 2011, 9:57 pm #2

Atta boy colt!!! Good luck in playoffs to all teams.

1 Hewitson KIT
2 Rob Millar PRR
3 Francis Johnson WL
4 Ryan Devries SMS
5 Jon Marren Hou
6 Steve Wilejto BLB
7 Ian Coleman KIT
8 Blaine Markwart KIT
9 Darek Wakita KIT
10 Dave Venman KIT
11 Jeff Mildy KIT
12 Colt Stava PRR
13 Brett Stava PRR
14 Brent McIsaac WL
15 Aaron Zurak WL
16 Paul Girodat WL

The race to the COY CUP starts!!
My COY CUP representation predictions.

1 Prince Rupert Rampage (host)
3 Williams Lake
4 Powell River

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January 22nd, 2011, 4:21 am #3

1) PR Colt Stava
2) PR Brett Stava
3) PR Stephen Lawrence
4) PR Rob Millar
5) KID Craig Hewitson
6) KID Ian Coleman
7) HT Blair Dinelle
8) WL Francis Johnson
9) WL Brent McIsaac
10) BL Rylan Stanger
11) BL Steve Wilejto
12) SM Stu Barns
13) SM Adam Devries
14) SM Ian Smith
15) SM Ryan Devries
16) SM Daryl Young

Of course this is all a Hypothetical prediction or a Wish.

My prediction, Steelheads - Rampage League Final. Winner Steelheads

Coy-Cup I think will be real interesting, if there is any merit to my prediction.

Host - Rupert Rampage
Island - Who Ever Wins their Playoffs
East - Smithers Steelheads
West - ???? Who Would Get This Spot?

Should it not be a playoff between second in West and second in the East?
or is there some magic formula that settle's it?

Good Luck To all


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January 22nd, 2011, 5:29 am #4

1.Rob Millar - PR
2.Ryan Devries - Smi
3.Blair Dinelle - Hou
4.Steve Wilejto - BL
5.Craig Hewitson - Kit
6.Ian Coleman - Kit
7.Daiel Mayer - Kit
8.Derek Wakita - Kit
9.Francis Johnson - WL
10.Paul Girodat - WL
11.Jeff Gagnon - WL
12.Brent McIsaac - WL
13.Aaron Zurak - WL
14.Stu Sasges - WL
15.Wilf Robbins - WL
16.Robin Gilbert - WL

as for Coy spots.... don't think it is an east and west spot. It's the top two CIHL teams... That would be whoever reaches the league final. If Rupert reaches the League final the second CIHL spot would go to the highest ranked team who lost in the previous round. For example if Rupert beat Kitimat in the semis then the second CIHL spot would likely go to Smithers, Burns Lake or Williams Lake who all had better records then Kitimat.
Go Stamps Go!

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January 22nd, 2011, 10:22 pm #5

1. Rob Millar (PRR)
2. Colt Stava (PRR)
3. Chris Woodrow (PRR)
4. Ian Coleman (KID)
5. Craig Hewitson (KID)
6. Derek Wakita (KID)
7. Steve Wilejto (BLB)
8. F. Johnson (WLS)
9. Ryan Devries (SSH)
10. Jonathan Marren (HTL)
11. Darryl Young (SSH)
12. Brent MacIsaac
13. Blair Dinelle (HTL)
14. Brett Stava (PRR)
15. Blaine Markwart (KID)
16. Adam Devries (SSH)

Good luck and safe travels to all the players, coaches and fans. Should be a great playoffs...

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January 23rd, 2011, 12:46 am #6

Here's my list...26 players, six teams selected.

1 - Steve Wiletjo -- BL Braves
2 - Jon Marren -- Houston Luckies
3 - Paul Girodat-- WL Stamps
4 - Francis Johnson - WL Stamps
5 - Wilfred Robbins -- WL Stamps
6 - Blaine Markwart -- KID
7 - Ian Coleman -- KID
8 - Craig Hewitson-- KID
9 - Jeff Mildenberger -- KID
10 - Dave Venman -- KID
11 - Colt Stava -- PRR
12 - Rob Millar -- PRR
13 - Ryan Devries -- S Steelhead
14 - Darryl Young -- S Steelheads
15 - Terry Whelan -- KID
16 - Brent MacIsaac --WL Stamps

As much as I dread a long winter trip to the 'puddle, I see it looming...

Coy -- too far away -- but likely Powell with half a dozen games will be fit and are the Champs -- so someone from the CIHL has to dislodge them.

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January 23rd, 2011, 3:10 am #7

I wouldn't pack my bags for a trip east just yet. Just sayin...

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January 23rd, 2011, 9:40 am #8

if we get there. I think we might.