2009/10 Peak Broadcast Schedule

2009/10 Peak Broadcast Schedule

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September 25th, 2009, 2:28 am #1

Got this off the Stampeders Website. It's the Radio Broadcast Schedule for the Peak for the upcoming season.

3rd Burns Lake vs Houston
4th Williams Lake vs Smithers
9th Smithers vs Hazelton
10th Hazelton vs Smithers
17th Burns Lake vs Houston
24th Smithers vs Kitimat
25th Hazelton vs Burns Lake
31st Houston vs Burns Lake
14th Smithers vs Terrace
21st Houston vs Omineca
22nd Houston vs Omineca
28th Terrace vs Smithers
29th Terrace vs Smithers
4th Smithers vs Houston
5th Houston vs Smithers
6th Burns Lake vs Williams Lake
12th Houston vs Williams Lake
13th Houston vs Williams Lake
19th Burns Lake vs Houston

2nd Burns Lake vs Smithers
9th Omineca vs Houston
10th Hazelton vs Prince Rupert

Go Stamps Go!
Go Stamps Go!