Three capsule reviews of some the bands at the Bix Festival and samples.

Three capsule reviews of some the bands at the Bix Festival and samples.

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- Dan Levinson and the Roof Garden Jass Band.
With amazing fidelity to the original recordings (late nineteen teens and very early 1920s), five first-class musicians -Dan Levinson, clarinet; Mike Davis, cornet; Matt Musselman, trombone; Kevin Dorn, drums; Dalton Ridenhour, piano- play the music of the ODJB and other early quintets. This is authentic, the real thing.

- The Fat Boys. Listening to these highly accomplished musicians -Beau Sample: double bass, Andy Schumm: cornet, Jonathan Doyle: reeds, John Otto: reeds, Dave Bock: trombone, John Donatowicz: banjo and guitar, Paul Asaro: piano, Alex Hall: drums- is like tuning to one of the late Rich Conaty's Big Broadcast programs: a wide variety, very well recreated, of dance and jazz bands from the 1920s.

- The Graystone Monarchs.
The creme de la creme of the musicians at the festival -Lynne Hart, Dan Levinson and John Otto reed section; Mike Davis, Andy Schumm and Matt Musselman brass section; David Boeddinghaus piano, John Donatowicz banjo/guitar, Beau Sample string bass, Dave Bock tuba Josh Duffee and Hal Smith on drums, Josh Duffee on xylophone- organized by Josh Duffee to play flawlessly extremely difficult and sophisticated arrangements of 1920s tunes.

Hooray for live music!!