The Iceberg Effect: What is below the water line.

The Iceberg Effect: What is below the water line.

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We often mentioned that issued recordings are a mere fraction of the music that was played in the US in the 1920s. Here is a time line for Cass Burris, Johnny Burris' brother. Johnny had one recording session on April 22, 1929 when he recorded <em>I'll Never Forget</em> and <em>So Comfy</em>. These recordings are famous, in part, because Steve Brown plays in them.

Time line for Cass Burris. Thanks to Pat, Cass' granddaughter for sharing this with the Bixography Forum.

<em><strong>Cass Burris played in the American Theater, a Pantages vaudeville house, in Breckenridge, Texas until June of 1921. Went with Vern Manleys Orchestra to a dance hall in Lake Worth, near Ft. Worth for the summer.
In September of 1921 went to Dallas with the Swain Cummins Dance Band. Then joined Phil Baxter's Texas Tommies Dance Band, playing one night stands in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Tennessee.

Still with Phil Baxter worked a dance hall engagement in Paducah, Kentucky. In the fall of 1922 joined Turner Greggs Strand All American Theater Presentation Orchestra in Lexington, Kentucky.

Joined Verne Ricketts Idora Park Dance Band in Youngstown, Ohio June 1923.

Joined Karm & Andrews Hotel Astor Roof Garden Orchestra in September 1923. Played a dance hall in Toledo, Ohio and then Detroit at the Arena Gardens. In the fall of 1923 we went on the road in Pennsylvania and New York State doing one night stands.

Karm & Andrews played Keith's Family Time Vaudeville Houses in New York State as a musical act. In BF Keith's Riverside Theater in Brooklyn. (Riverside ranked next to the Palace Theater in reputation) This was in November and December of 1924. K & A's Orchestra was the road orchestra traveling with the production "That's My Boy", starring Carol Norman, a female impersonator. Joseph Gates, the producer, lost $ on the show, as it closed before opening in New York. Still with K & A opened at the Follies Bergere in Atlantic City January 1925.

September of 1925, joined Nat Martin's Orchestra of New York. Playing the Oriole Terrace Night Club (later became the Latin Quarter) in Detroit.

November of 1925 joined William Finzel's Orchestra (Jack Kneisel conducting) playing the Statler Hotel Grill Room and also played in the WGHP radio station orchestra (WXYZ) in Detroit.

Then played the Palace Theater Orchestra under Tony Osterle for vaudeville.

Next was the Boblo excursion boat and dance hall on the island with Charles Lorenzen in 1926. .

Then played vaudeville in the Martha Washington Theater orchestra, Johnny King the conductor in Hamtramck.

In 1927 went back to the Palace Theater which had switched to burlesque. Jim MacDougle conducting.

Moved to the Gayety Theater, which was also burlesque, with the same orchestra, leader and theater owner as the Palace.
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