Mandatory Destination: The Bix Museum in Davenport.

Mandatory Destination: The Bix Museum in Davenport.

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- For those well versed in Bix's life and music, a visit to the Museum is like meeting an old friend and re-living cherished memories.
- For those not familiar with Bix, it is discovering a remarkable young man - a musical genius- who, in a few years went to the pinnacle of the world of 1920s jazz and dance music.

By all means, make an effort to visit the Museum, you'll be fascinated by the quality and educational value of the exhibits: artifacts, music , images and even, for those very familiar with everything about Bix, new photos of Bix!

I will post next about a new photograph -not the photograph itself. In fairness to the heroic efforts made by all the people responsible for the creation of the Museum, I made the decision not to post any photos of items in the Museum.