Ken Schram Collection / Robert Mantler

Ken Schram Collection / Robert Mantler

Dustin Wittmann
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Dustin Wittmann

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I stumbled upon the Ken Schram auction in the March 1950 issue of Playback Magazine. Albert did a nice write-up some time back on the auction and all the interesting questions it raises. ... ction.html

I searched this forum and wasn't able to track down any past discussion of the questions. This came up back in 2013 in the Hot Jazz Records '17-'31 forum on Facebook, as well.

1) First, the revelation of a record belonging to Bix: Perfect 14905, Chicago Loopers, I'm More Than Satisfied (Master 1). How is this known? How and when did Ken acquired the record? Does anybody have information on this?

2) Steve Hester tells Albert that the complete collection was purchased by Robert Mantler, Bixophile extraordinaire and collector. At one time, Mantler started to write a Bix biography with Phil Evans. Mantler borrowed Bix's Vincent Bach cornet from Mary Louise, Bix's sister, under the pretext that he was going to have it restored. When Mantler did not return the cornet after repeated requests, the Shoemakers (Mary Louise's married name) recovered the cornet via a court order.

Is this true? Emrah Erken on Facebook indicates that it was not sold as a complete collection. Does anybody know what became of the collection? Of primary interest, of course, is the clean copy of I Need Some Pettin' and the Goldkette tests. Emrah noted that it the Bix Restored CD issue had to use tape recordings because these masters are considered lost.

There is also some questions raised of whether certain recordings are or are not Bix items, but I believe that's already been discussed elsewhere.

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.... I don't have any other information.