Isham Jones Being Guest Conductor for a recording by ....

Isham Jones Being Guest Conductor for a recording by ....

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.... the Ray Miller Orchestra was a big deal. Get a load of this article in the Music Trade Review, Feb 28, 1925.
[color=#272727" size="5" face="Times New Roman]<font color="#272727" size="5" face="Times New Roman">[/color]</font><p align="left"><strong>Isham Jones Guest Conductor With Ray Miller</strong>
[color=#272727" face="Times New Roman]<font color="#272727" face="Times New Roman">[/color]</font><p align="left"><strong>Innovation Among Popular Orchestras Shown</strong>
<p align="left"><strong>in Two New Brunswick Recordings of Ray</strong>
<p align="left"><strong>Miller's Orchestra</strong>
<font face="Times New Roman"></font><p align="left">An innovation in dance records has just been
<p align="left">announced by the Brunswick-Balke-Collender
<p align="left">Co., Chicago, in the Brunswick recording of
<p align="left">Isham Jones' new compositions "I'll See You
<p align="left">In My Dreams" and "Why Couldn't It Be Poor
<p align="left">Little Me?" In making this number Isham
<p align="left">Jones has been employed as guest conductor for
<p align="left">Ray Miller's Orchestra, a new custom in the
<p align="left">jazz field, but quite in line with the advanced
<p align="left">position popular orchestras are taking at the
<p align="left">present time. The arrangement was suggested
<p align="left">by Mr. Jones, who is rapidly becoming one of
<p align="left">the foremost composers of dance music. Ray
<p align="left">Miller considered it a great honor that Mr.
<p align="left">Jones thought so highly of his Arcadia Boys,
<p align="left">and immediately extended the invitation, and
<p align="left">the first dance record under the baton of
<font face="Times New Roman">a </font>guest conductor was recorded.

Listen to <em>I'll See You In My Dreams </em>recorded by Ray Miller on Dec 24, 1924.  from Emrah

Get a load of the number of connections to Bix among the musicians: Roy Johnston & Charles Rocco-t, Miff Mole-tb, Frank Trumbauer-Cmel, Andy Sannella & Larry Abbott-cl/as, Billy Richards-ts, Rube Bloom-p, Frank di Prima-bj/g, Don Yates-vn, Louis Cassagne-bb and Ward Archer-d.


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