Hot Lips was recorded by ....

Hot Lips was recorded by ....

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.... Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra on June 23, 1922.

It was a show piece for Henry Busse. Listen to Whiteman's vesion arrranged by Ferde Grofe. ... 3/autoplay

I am sure most of you know that <em>Hot Lips</em> was composed by Henry Busse. But there were two other composers.

Henry Lange (1895-1985) was a pianist for Whiteman, on and off, between Jan 1921 and April 1924. He was the pianist in the famous recording of Dec 16, 1924  <em>Doo Wacka Doo </em>with a highly Bixian solo by Leroy Morris. There is a very informative webpage about Henry Lange: ... l/lang.htm

Henry Lange and his orchestra recorded <em>Hot Lips </em>on Sep 15, 1927 for Gennett in Richmond IN. A pretty hot interpretation with Leroy Morris doing the Bixian solo (not as Bixian as his solo in <em>Doo Wacka Doo).

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