Everything is Hotsy Totsy Now is one of my favorite ....

Everything is Hotsy Totsy Now is one of my favorite ....

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.... California Ramblers recordings.

The Columbia recording:
Red Nichols, c / Frank Cush, t / Tommy Dorsey, tb / Jimmy Dorsey, Arnold Brilhart, cl, as / Fredy Cusick, cl, ts / Adrian Rollini, bsx / Irving Brodsky, p / Tommy Fellini, bj, Stan King, d, May 14, 1925.

The Edison recording.
Same personnel except fo the addition of Vernon Dalhart on vocal. Aril 22, 1925.

Excellent solos by Red, Jimmy, Tommy (sounding like Miff) and Irving. I don't hear Adrian. Others?

The tune comes from the pens of Jimmy McHugh and Irving Mills.

https://yorkspace.library.yorku.ca/xmlu ... sAllowed=y

Everything is Hotsy Totsy Now was recorded frequently in the 1920s: Coon Sanders, Herb Wiedoeft, Original Indiana Five, Gene Austin, etc. It was recorded by Irving Mills himself, with allegedly, at one time, Duke Ellington on piano.

Of course we all know about Bix with the Irving Mills and the Hotsy Totsy Gang in 1930: (Loved One, Strrut Miss Lizzie, Deep Harlem).

The Hotsy Totsy Boys.

Birth name James Francis McHugh
Born July 10, 1894
Boston, Massachusetts
Died May 23, 1969 (aged 74)
Beverly Hills, California
Occupation(s) Songwriter

From Wikipedia: “After struggling in a variety of jobs, including rehearsal pianist for the Boston Opera House and pianist-song plugger for Irving Berlin’s publishing company, in 1921, at the age of 26, McHugh relocated to New York City (Forte). Eventually finding employment as a professional manager with the music publisher Jack Mills Inc., it was there that McHugh published his first real hit, “Emaline,” and briefly teamed up with Irving Mills as The Hotsy Totsy Boys to write the hit song “Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now”

The Hotsy Totsy Boys in Variety.
http://ia801809.us.archive.org/BookRead ... 4&rotate=0