An addition to Bix's Chronology.

An addition to Bix's Chronology.

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Thanks to Anthony Baldwin for sending me a scan of this article from the Davenport Democrat of Feb 6, 1923. Evans and Evans give no details about Bix's activities in Davenport for Feb-Jun 1923. Now we know what he was doing on Feb 5, 1923. ... in1923.pdf

Some comments:

- Bix is referred to as "Bixie." I call your attention to my posting "Bix, Bickie, Bick, Bicks, Bixie, Leon, LBB"

- Fr
"Gyro Club of Davenport MeetingsThe Outing Club, Davenport, IowaYear round, every Monday at noon (except the first Monday of the month).Call 563-349-8320 if you plan to visit. Chartered January 15, 1921 ~ 13th Club in Gyro International Gyro exists throughout North America and the sole purpose of this organization is to promote “Friendship”. Gyro came into being in 1912 when three college friends decided that their friendship, which had crystallized through their college years was worthy of perpetuation. Gyro carries with it no label of race, creed, and political or other club affiliation. While many Gyro clubs do support and contribute to community projects, the primary purpose of coming together as Gyros is for “friendship and fun”. The Davenport club's only purpose is for “friendship and fun."
- The Davenport Gyro emblem:

- Wayne Doc Hostetter was one of the members of the Royal Harmonists of Indiana, the Pee Wee Rank group (with Condon, among others) that went to Syracuse in 1922. Doc because he was a chiropractor, probably graduate of Palmer College in Davenport. Hostetter is mentioned several times in Eddie Condon's "We Called It Music."

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