Vintage Blue Ribbon scope question

Vintage Blue Ribbon scope question

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I hope someone knows the answer or has old Beeman catalogs that might have info------------------

I'm looking at a .860" OD scope with mounting system built in underneath the adjustment system.

On the ocular lens in blue script is engraved Blue Ribbon.

In the line below that it says '4 x 20'

The following line says 'Nitrogen filled'

On the next line down is 'Image Moving'

And the final line is 'No.82835'.

Directly opposite the lines above on the bottom of the ocular lens it says only 'Japan'.

As can be imagined the image isn't very bright, but it is VERY sharp and crisp. So it has some quality glass in it.

So the question is-----

Is this a Hakko scope sold by Beeman and if so in what era?

If it is an authentic Beeman/Blue Ribbon it would make a very nice vintage combo atop one of my C Sheridans or the Benji 312.
TIA, Tom

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A picture of the scope would help.


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