Help wanted on the Swedish EXCELLENT air rifle

Help wanted on the Swedish EXCELLENT air rifle

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November 28th, 2017, 10:02 pm #1

My good friend Jeff has acquired what we believe to be a Swedish Excellent C11 K (?)
Our reference for the I.D is the 8th ed Bluebook, page 287.

It appears that this example has been previously attended to by the less able and somewhat ignorant. Pliers , vice grips, hammers, drills and punches have been used on it with less consideration than might be ordinarily exercised.
Jeff has managed to get it functioning to the tune of 330fps. Some modifications have been made to improve the seal at various points.
Externally and internally there is damage and, it appears that there could be missing and or incorrect parts.
We have no previous history of this air gun
This reference, kindly supplied by Mats back in 2010 shares similar components but appears to be a different variation.
Can anyone assist in this worthy resurrection??
If you are able tom help, please post here or email me at

I will take some images of what Jeff has and post here to better identify this air rifle. We are Hopeful that a general production date can be established.

Many thanks