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I set out to complete another dozen beyond these, but then again 2 of these were add-ons, not planned to even start them. I do have another 4 that are almost there, but instead of stressing through my holiday break to get them done, I'll wait and finish them in course for 2016.

Ancient Revell A6M5 Zero -- OOB

Nearly as old Revell F4F-4 -- OOB

Hawk Spirit of St Louis -- Testors reissue -- OOB

ESCI Fokker D.VII - added lozenge decals for the underside

ABC/Tamiya Spitfire IV - Griffon prototype DP845 - The ABC kit of the Mk XII is a REALLY BAD kit so the only salvation was mating it to a spare Tamiya Mk I wing and making a Mk IV. If I find a good prop, I'll replace it as it's the biggest weakness of the finished model.

Revell P-26A Peashooter - Starfighter cockpit and engine plus AM decals. My photography isn't doing it justice as this came out quite nice. All the resin really tarted this one up.

MPM Spitfire XVIII - The basic shape is okay but not great, but the details took way to long to source and put on. Decals are from my AZModel XVIII kit.

For completeness, I also finished an AMT P-40 as a whiff racer; NB this was part of a group build (build the same kit)

And an old Lindberg LCI (1/150th scale-ish) for a veteran -- my favorite of the year. Story here.

Those last two were my add-ons.

Tim Holland

I'm a "green shirt" because I work on the carrier's flight deck and maintain US Navy aircraft. Safe sorties are my life so we can be anywhere, anytime -- from the Sea.


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Nice production. Nice models. I admire your willingness to take on older kits.
David M. Knights
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