Some completed kits to update my building.....

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July 28th, 2018, 3:24 pm #1

Here are a few kits I have built recently;

ATV 007.jpg This is a 3-d printed kit, all I have done is add the brake levers & muffler.

djeep-019.jpg An S-Model jeep done as Canadian Provost vehicle. Peddinghaus decals, cut the center of grill out and added individual bars.

flak40 009.jpg My first completed Modelcollect kit the 12.8cm Flak 40, OOB except I borrowed the etch platform floors from an Extratech kit!?

hellgun 005.jpg I like to build odd ball stuff and this new kit from Ace fits that bill!! This and the other one in this kit (you get 2, both different) are locally made mortars by the Syrian rebel army. The 'round' is a propane tank filled with a home made explosive mixture, with a range of about 1 mile, in this version the whole 'round' goes down the barrel.


Building something Canadian, Eh! Graham, member #172; to avoid confusion M., from Canada's Capital!!