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November 9th, 2015, 6:34 pm #1

I was able to take some models off the shelf of doom as well as knock out quite a few more. I had hoped to finish more Spitfires, but the same 8 seem to be "in work" that started the year...and well into 2015 they're still "in work".

First up, the shelf of doom models. I believe I started these back in 1990-something with the other Corsairs on my shelf, but stalled due to a move from Virginia to California. They stayed in their shipping boxes until I moved from California to Maryland, where they again remained in storage until 2012 when I got my shelves sorted in my modeling room. These were, "I started this one?" models and I decided to finish them, as many just needed a decal or two.

Hasegawa F4U-1; decals are by Superscale, 1st Lt Ken Walsh, Guadalcanal.

Matchbox F4U-4; decals by Superscale; Maj Ken Walsh, Okinawa.

Hasegawa F4U-1A; decals by Superscale; Lt Ira Kepford.

Matchbox F4U-4B (actually on the shelf since 1985!); decals by Microscale; VF-63 Fighting Redcocks, Korea.

Italeri AU-1; kit decals.

Italeri F4U-7; kit decals.

Italeri F4U-5; kit decals supplemented with decals from Superscale (neither were very good).

Airfix F2H-2 Banshee; kit decals. A thoroughly enjoyable build.

Airfix Hurricane Mk I; early rag wing (2014 tooling). Kit decals. For all my Hurricanes I replace the wingtip lights with clear sprue and the wheels are Freightdog.

Another Airfix Hurricane Mk I, kit decals for the Belgian AF version.

Another Airfix Hurricane Mk I, but "updated" with a newer prop and used for training in 1942. Decals by Aviation Workshop.

Another Airfix Hurricane Mk I, I used spare decals from my AZModel Hurricane kit for Cobber Kain's mount in France, 1940.

Yet another Airfix Hurricane Mk I, this time in Rumanian markings from an old Aeromaster sheet.

I had a spare set of Spitfire Mk VI decals, so decided to convert an old Airfix Vb I had in the stash. I used a spare prop from an Airfix Mk IX.

This is the Airfix Mk IXc. I updated it with a prop by 3D-Kits as well as improved the guns (Master) and gun bulges (3D-Kits). No, this is not a IXe, but a IXc with the cannon moved to the outer bay. Rarely done, but that's what the photo looked like. Egyptian markings are from a Techmod sheet.

Last one for 2014 was another spitfire, this time the new AZModel Mk IX. This kit gives the modeler options for just about any highback IX or XVI, c or e wings, clipped or normal, standard or broad chord rudder. I added the Master gun barrels and the decals are from the same Techmod sheet that had the Egyptian markings.

A very good year for me...

Tim Holland

I'm a "green shirt" because I work on the carrier's flight deck and maintain US Navy aircraft. Safe sorties are my life so we can be anywhere, anytime -- from the Sea.