Monday Night Escalation 02/08/10 Results

Monday Night Escalation 02/08/10 Results

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Who needs a social life?
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02 Aug 2010, 12:34 #1

"I want it All" plays as we see the opening credits of Monday Night Escalation. Starting with clips from the first show right up to the current era. The video ends with Perfect Jack holding up the 6CW Championship.

The camera pans around the sell out crowd inside the London O2 arena. Pyros explode on the stage, down the ramp and around the ring as the fans go crazy.

Henry: Welcome everyone to 6CW Monday Night Escalation live from the London O2 arena!!

JT: Tonight we have an incredible line up of matches and up first we will see Dicey Reilly take on the UK Champion, Azzurel.

“Born to Fight” begins to play as the crowd descend into a chorus of boos. Dicey Reilly then walks out onto the top of the ramp, an arrogant smile on his face. In one hand he carries Bettsie, as he raises one arm, before walking down to the ring, rolling into the ring and again raising his arm to the referee. Dicey then goes and places Betsie in one corner by the turnbuckle, before standing in the corner, waiting for his opponent.

“Rolling” then hits and the fans jump into cheers as Azurrel walks out onto the stage. Azurrel raises his UK Title into the air for the fans, before draping it over his shoulder and running down to the ring, high fiving fans on the way down. Azurrel then slides in under the bottom rope and goes to the turnbuckles and raises his UK Title to the fans again. Azurrel then jumps off the ropes and hands his UK Title to the referee, before the referee takes it to the time-keeper. Azurrel and Dicey then stand trying to stare the other down.

HL: A battle of the proverbial old guard here tonight as Dicey Reilly, a 6CW original and former World Champion, takes on Azurrel, who has been here from practically the beginning and is the reigning UK Champion.

JT: These two men have some history also from Azurrel’s Dominion days, so this match should be interesting.

The referee calls for the opening bell and straight away both men charge at each other and lock up. Dicey quickly gains the advantage though and pushes Azurrel back into the corner. The referee slowly goes to break it up and begins to hold Dicey back. As the referee has Dicey pre-occupied, Azurrel jumps out of the corner and slaps Dicey, angering him. Dicey then begins to chase Azurrel who jumps out of the ring and runs out around the ringside area, as Dicey follows in hot pursuit. Azurrel then jumps back into the ring and runs across the ring as Dicey slides into the ring. Azurrel then bounces off of the ropes and runs back towards Dicey, but as he reaches him, Dicey delivers a huge clothesline to Azurrel, who flips over partly and lands on his lower neck. Dicey then jumps onto Azurrel and starts to delivers closed fist punches to the head of Azurrel as the referee tries to pull Dicey off. The referee then begins counting Dicey out.


Dicey jumps off just before the five count, and shouts abuse at the referee. As Dicey belittles the referee, Azurrel tries to get back up to his feet by using the ropes for help. Dicey turns and sees this and approaches Azurrel before hitting him with a hard right hand. Dicey then whips Azurrel into one of the corners, and measures him up, before running at him and hitting a big boot to him in the corner, and Azurrel crumbles down onto the second turnbuckle. Dicey then grabs Azurrel before he can fully fall over, puts him in a front waist lock, before throwing him across the ring with a powerful belly to belly suplex, leaving Azurrel sprawled out on the floor. Dicey then lightly runs over to Azurrel, before jumping partly into the air and hitting a leg drop to Azurrel who bounces slightly from the impact. Dicey goes for the cover.

1...2...kick out.

Dicey looks slightly happy that Azurrel was able to kick out, as he begins to slap the head of Azurrel, taunting him to get to his feet. As Azurrel gets to his feet slowly Dicey gets into a boxing stance and starts delivering some jabs to Azurrel who is rocked slightly by each one. Dicey then does some mock footwork, before hitting Azurrel with a powerful right hand, which knocks him off balance into the ring ropes. Dicey then jumps up and manages to drop kick Azurrel straight over the top rope. Dicey slowly drops out of the ring, and then starts to stomp on the head of Azurrel. Dicey then lifts Azurrel to his feet and trash talks him, before throwing him into the steel steps powerfully, causing Azurrel to hit the steps ribs and legs first. Dicey quickly is ready to attack again, as he grabs Azurrel by the head and starts banging his head off of the steel steps repeatedly, until a cut appears on Azurrel’s forehead, and blood starts to trickle down his face. Dicey smiles as he sees the crimson running down Azurrel’s face, before he drops Azurrel face down beside the steel steps. Dicey then goes and taunts the fans who voice their disapproval and throw drinks containers at him. Dicey then turns his attention back to Azurrel and waits as Azurrel starts to get up next to the steel steps, before Dicey runs at Azurrel and proceeds to boot Azurrel’s head into the steel steps, leaving Azurrel crumbled on the floor. Dicey then lifts up Azurrel’s body and rolls him back into the ring. Dicey then rolls in and quickly makes the pin.

1...2...foot on the ropes.

Dicey smashes the mat in anger as the referee points out the foot on the ropes. Dicey continues to argue with the referee as Azurrel tries to regain his bearing and get back to his feet.

HL: One side of Azurrel’s face is now completely crimson. He is in a bad way right now, and you know Dicey will take every opportunity he has to cause Azurrel more pain.

Dicey finishes arguing with the referee just shakes his head in disapproval before going back to Azurrel and getting him completely back to his feet. Azurrel though pushes Dicey’s arms away from him as he reaches a vertical base, before he spins around and hits a heel kick to Dicey who falls down to the floor disorientated. Dicey manages to quickly get back to his feet and he goes towards Azurrel, who proceeds to jump up into the air, get Dicey in a head scissors, then perform a hurricanrana sending Dicey across the ring. Azurrel then stalks Dicey as he gets back to his feet, and as Dicey gets up to his feet, Azurrel goes for a martial arts kick to the head of Dicey, but Dicey catches Azurrel’s leg. Dicey then trash talks Azurrel a moment, and flips him the bird, only for Azurrel to jump up and hit Dicey with an enzuguri kick to the side of the head, knocking Dicey senseless. Before Dicey can fall though, Azurrel runs at him, flips over his head and manages to hit a forward flip piledriver to Dicey. Azurrel into the cover.

1...2...kick out.

Azurrel instantaneously jumps back onto the offensive towards Dicey, delivering a flurry of punches to him, as Dicey tries to cover up. Azurrel then gets off of Dicey after the referee pulls him off, letting Dicey recover. Dicey begins to get up off of the floor onto his hands and knees, when suddenly Azurrel charges at him and punts him straight into the ribs, leaving Dicey winded on the floor. Azurrel then shouts some trash talk of his own, before running in at Dicey and leg dropping Dicey so his head bounces off the mat face first. Azurrel then rolls Dicey over near the ring ropes and starts to build up momentum, before he runs to the ropes, runs backwards to Dicey, performs a forward roll, then jumps into the air to hit a Rolling Thunder to Dicey, who doubles over after the impact. Azurrel then starts to fire up the crowd before walking over to the corner with Bettsie in it and walking around the ring parading with it above his head. Azurrel then proceeds to throw Bettsie up the entrance way like a javelin, which angers Dicey who is getting to his feet as he sees this. Dicey then charges at Azurrel from behind and goes to clothesline him, but Azurrel ducks underneath the impact, and as Dicey turns back around to face Azurrel, Azurrel levels Dicey with a super-kick. Azurrel then leaves the ring and starts to climb the turnbuckles, before signalling for a manoeuvre to the fans. Azurrel then springs off the top rope and performs a forward flip before hitting the Amazine Flame (Front Flip Leg Drop). Azurrel into the cover.

1...2...3kick out.

Azurrel looks on at the referee in amazement when Dicey kicks out and can’t believe the outcome. Azurrel then begins booting Dicey on the floor, who quickly roles out of the ring and then just shrugs his shoulders as if he has quit with the match. Azurrel tries to follow him but the referee holds him back from doing so. Azurrel finally just shoves the referee who falls backwards onto the floor, before Azurrel jumps out of the ring to chase Dicey, clotheslining from behind sending Dicey to the floor. Dicey then begins trying to crawl away from Azurrel who shouts at him as he does so. Azurrel finally grabs Dicey’s head and pulls it up to stare at him. As he does this though, Dicey manages to grab a hold of Bettsie lying on the floor, and then swings it hard into the head of Azurrel, who is lacerated even more by this shot and is laid out on the entrance way. Dicey then quickly drops Bettsie to the floor, meaning the referee couldn’t see that Dicey had used a weapon. Dicey then gets to his feet, lifts Azurrel up as well, positions him, then hits the CraicDown to Azurrel on the entrance way. Dicey then drags Azurrel back down to the ring, pushes him into the ring and goes for the cover on Azurrel.


The referee calls for the bell as “Born to Fight” plays out and the fans boo loudly. Dicey Reilly raises his arms in victory making sure to get all of the fans attentions. Suddenly on the top of the stage, Johnny Rush walks out to loud boos from the crowd. Rush begins to walk down to the ring, before he notices Bettsie on the ground, and picks it up, before smiling at it and running down to the ring and entering the ring. At this point, Azurrel is lying flat on the ground, his face completely covered in blood, and he is barely moving. Rush then threatens the referee with the bat as he orders the referee to get the UK Title. The referee gets the belt and hands it to Rush who looks at it for a moment, before draping it over his shoulder and measuring up Azurrel. Azurrel slowly manages to pull himself to his feet unsteadily, but is barely conscious enough to stay on his feet. Rush then goes to swing Bettsie, but at the last second, Dicey grabs Bettsie by the part of the handle not wrapped in barbed wire, and rips it out of Rush’s hands. Dicey and Rush start arguing with each other about it, when suddenly Dicey puts the Bettsie to Rush’s throat. Rush quickly retreats from Dicey trying to calm him, as Dicey roles out of the ring and starts walking up the entrance way. Rush then turns back around to Azurrel, only to be met by a super-kick, causing Rush to drop the UK Title and go flying over the top rope. Azurrel then goes and lifts up his UK Title into the air as Rush gets up off of the ground clutching the back of his head, before he backs off up the entrance ramp, keeping constant eye contact with Azurrel.


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Who needs a social life?
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JT: Welcome back folks up next we have a match between two of four guys who will compete for the TV Title at Beachfront, Patient X and Mark “The Lieutenant” Matzko

Henry: With just 1 week to go both of these men will want some momentum going into what will be a classic match

The fans boo a Patient X walks down to the ring to no music. He looks around the arena before climbing into the ring.

Henry: Patient X really is a strange guy possible the strangest we’ve had in 6CW and there has been a few

"It's A New Day" plays as The Lieutenant walks out onto the rampway to a chorus of boo’s

JT: The fans showing Matzko what they think of him but I have been very impressed with this guy as of late he’s really becoming one to watch even though he can be a douche

The ref calls for the bell and Matzko rushes in with strong clothesline to X and then a scoop slam to the mat. Mark bounces off the ropes and hits a flying shoulder block sending X down to the mat again, before Mark hits a quick elbow drop to the forehead

Henry: Great start by Matzko he’s not letting X get any kind of momentum going

Mark drags X to his feet and Kicks him hard in the gut before going for a quick DDT but X stays on his feet and the Lieutenant hits the mat hard instead

JT: Great awareness by Patient X

X lets Mark get to his feet before whipping him hard into the corner and following up with a HUGE Splash, X hits a couple of hard shoulder thrusts into the gut of Matzko before setting him up and nailing a big Powerbomb and drifts over for the cover

1…2…kick out!

JT: He almost had the win, how close was that?

X waits for Mark to get up and hits a series of big uppercuts to the jaw forcing Matzko back into the corner where he delivers big hammer blows to Marks head which leave him groggy, X walks over to the opposite corner and gathers up a head full of steam as he hits a Big Boot to the skull of Matzko who hits the mat and X goes for another cover

1...2...kick out!

Henry: How much more can Mark take and how much more can X do to win?

X starts to hit the ground in frustration and begins pulling his hair out which gives Matzko a chance to get to his feet with the help of the ropes, X see’s this and goes for a clothesline but Mark ducks underneath and dropkicks the back of X’s knee forcing the big man down to his knees, Mark then Springboards off the 2nd rope an knees X in the face and covers

1…kick out!

Mark argues that the referee counted slowly and gets into his face but notices X rise to his feet and then grabs him and hits a snap DDT and again covers.

1…2…kick out.

JT: Matzko looking to end this

Henry: Neither of these men can keep their advantage on their side though, what a contest!

X gets to his feet and Mark charges towards him, but X is able to counter and his knee connects with Mark’s skull and he then hit’s a body slam. This time X covers.

1...2...kick out.

X gets up with a smile and then drags Matzko to his feet. X locks in a sleeper hold but Mark quickly manages to break free, and X lands a few punches to the face of Mark, and then Mark returns with some of his own.

X wins over in the punching match and whips Mark over to the other side of the ring and then on the rebound, he kicks him in the gut and goes for the spiked DDT but Mark counters with a Suplex into a bridge

1…2…Kick out

X is on his feet and Mark hits him with a clothesline which sends X flying into the turnbuckle. Matzko runs over and starts laying into X with rights and lefts to the skull, before smashing X’s head off the turnbuckle and planting him on the mat with a running power slam.

Mark climbs the turnbuckle and waits for X to get to his feet and when X does, He goes for a double Axe handle, but X manages to hit him in the gut with a big right before pulling him in.

JT: Spiked DDT! This could be it!

X covers.


X slides out of the ring holding his head and starts to make his way up the ramp

Henry: X shows why he’s one of the favourites going into the fatal four way at Beachfront and if I was Geoff Steel id watch my Title with this guy

Cuts to commercial


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Who needs a social life?
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02 Aug 2010, 12:49 #3

‘Community Outcast’ plays as Tremorz comes to the ring.

JT: Tremorz has a tough match against Johnny Rush now!

Tremorz climbs into the ring and awaits for Rush.

‘Hating Hollywood’ begins to play as Johnny Rush makes his way to the ring.

He gets in the ring and stands head to head with Tremorz.

Both men then suddenly just start throwing punches at each other as the referee calls for the bell.

Rush hits a good few uppercuts and then rams Tremorz’s head into the turnbuckle. Rush then hits a few body punches and then again smashes Tremorz’s head off the turnbuckle. Tremorz stumbles into the centre of the ring and then Rush comes bouncing off the ropes and connects with a big spear sending Tremorz crashing to ground.

Henry: What a move! Rush has started off really strong!

Rush drops down into the cover.

1...2...kick out.

Rush stands up and stamps on Tremorz and then locks in a sharpshooter. Tremorz is in clear agony and screams in pain as he frantically pulls himself to the ropes.

JT: Rush wants to end this early via a submission move!

Tremorz eventually manages to get to the ropes and Rush has to break the hold. Rush jumps onto the second ropes and holds his arms out wide posing to the fans as they applaud.

Rush then jumps down but doesn’t realise that Tremorz is up and Rusg us met with a kick to the gut as Tremorz pulls him in and hits a powerbomb. Tremorz drops into the cover.

1...2...kick out.

Rush gets up and gets hit with a succession of clotheslines and then Tremorz hits Rush with a brain buster.

Henry: Brilliant there by Tremorz! He is showing a lot of ability with this performance.

Rush is dragged to his feet and Tremorz locks in a sleeper hold. Tremorz applies pressure before Rush eventually falls from his feet and the ref checks to see if he is still conscious. He raises Rush’s hand and it falls


The ref raises it again and it falls.


He raises it for a third time and this time just before it falls Rush just manages to keep it up. Rush then starts to make it to his feet and hits Tremorz with some elbow shots to the body.

Tremorz then breaks the hold and Rush hits a body to body suplex and then follows up with a strong spine buster.

Rush picks up Tremorz and whips him across the ring and then on the rebound Rush goes for a another spine buster but Tremorz reverses and hits Rush with a powerful upper cut and then clotheslines him to ground. He goes for cover

1...2... kick out!

Tremorz drags Rush to his feet and plants him with a few strong punches to the head and stomach before slapping him hard across the face. Rush gets wound up and takes a wild swing at Tremorz which he easily dodges and then kicks him in the gut before pulling him in.


Tremorz drops into the cover.


‘Community Outcast’ plays as Tremorz gets up and celebrates.

Henry: Tremorz has managed to pull off a big win here!

JT: He’s pinned Rush! What a win!

cut to commercial.


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Who needs a social life?
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02 Aug 2010, 13:56 #4

JT: Up next, we have tag team action featuring the champs Team Extreme against The Untouchables.

H: Indeed. As the champions, Team Extreme will be looking to send a message out to all potential opponents that they are the dominant team in 6CW.

JT: I agree but The Untouchables will be looking to get a win over the champions so that they gain the number one contender-ship for the titles.

H: We'll have to wait and see but now we hand over to Mike Bird.

MB: This next bout is set for one fall introducing first at a combined weight of 600lbs...Angel and Jonathan Cross!!!!!!

We Made It blasts out of the arena speakers as Angel and Jonathan Cross as they both walk out onto the stage to enormous cheers from the crowd. They both walk down the aisle tapping hands with the crowd. They both slide underneath the ropes and poses on opposite turnbuckles.

MB: Their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 457lbs...the 6CW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.....TEAM EXTREME!!!!

Dylan and Cody Wright stride out onto the stage with the title in their hands as Six Barrel Shotgun blast out of the arena speakers. The crowd are booing heavily as they both walk down the aisle ignoring the crowd as they walk. They both slide down underneath the bottom rope and raise their titles in front of the Untouchables.

JT: Damn Team Extreme. Being tag team champions doesn't mean they have to be arrogant SOB's. We had enough of that with Revolution.

H: Ah yes but they were and are successful with Perfect Jack going on to win the world title banishing Mike Logan from 6CW in the process.

JT: But still they should show some respect.

Dylan and Angel stand on opposite aprons as Cross and Cody lock up in the centre of the ring. Cross shows his strength by pushing Cody all the way back to the corner. Cross steps off with a smile on his face. Cody is visibly angered by this and charges at Cross who counters with a clothesline. Cody is on the floor holding his jaw as Cross raises both hands in the air in front of Dylan who tries to throw a punch at him but can't reach. Cody get's right back up but Cross picks him up and throws him outside the ring.

JT: This match continues after the break.

JT: We are back from the break with Cody holding Cross in a submission hold. During the break Cross attempted to go out of the ring but as he went to climb through ropes Cody pulled his neck onto the top rope and Cross stumbled back. Cody got into the ring and delivered a well executed drop-kick to Cross. Back to the action.

Cody releases his hold but then begins to pound fists into Cross's fist. He picks him and whips him into the corner. He tags Dylan in who climbs the turnbuckle and drops a big elbow onto Cross's head. Cross stumbles back and Dylan runs towards the ropes and delivers a huge cross body. Dylan hooks the leg.


JT: So close there from Dylan.

Dylan picks up Cross but Cross pushes him away into the corner and tags in Angel who comes flying out of the corner and charges at Cody who was tagged in by Dylan. He ducks Angel's clothesline and baseball slides Cross who falls back onto the floor outside the ring. Dylan gets up and dropkicks Angel as Angel falls to the mat. Dylan tags in Cody who climbs the top rope. Dylan is holding Angel down and Dylan jumps to deliver a 450 splash onto Angel and he hooks the leg.

1......2.....3 DING DING DING

MB: The winner of the match....TEAM EXTREME!!!!

Cody and Dylan take their titles and exit the ring to walk up the aisle.

JT: Well Team Extreme have sent out a message to tag teams in 6CW that they are a tough team to beat.

H: Indeed. Now we got to a commercial.


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Who needs a social life?
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‘The Blood of Cuchulainn’ plays as Sheamus Murphy makes his way to the ring to boos. He walks down the ramp and climbs into the ring ignoring the fans.

‘Last Resort’ then plays as the fans cheer as Geoff Steel comes out with the TV Championship. He walks to the ring and climbs into it, handing his belt to the referee.

Sheamus and Steel begin to walk around the ring not taking their eyes off each other as the bell rings. Steel charges at Sheamus who moves to the side and Steel lands in the corner. Sheamus spins him around and starts landing right after right.

Sheamus then runs into the ropes and goes to land a jumping forearm but Steel grabs him round the throat. Steel spins round and slams Sheamus into the corner.

Steel begins to tee off on Sheamus in the corner. Steel comes off the ropes and lands a big running boot to the head of Sheamus forcing the big man to the mat. Steel pulls Sheamus out of the corner and goes for the cover.

1..2..kick out!

JT: Geoff is doing well against the big man!

Henry: But he’s taking the turnbuckle cover off!

As the referee checks on Sheamus, Steel goes to take the protective cover off the turnbuckle but the referee stops him, and so he goes back and stomps on Sheamus a couple of times who still looks groggy off the big boot. Steel pulls Sheamus to his feet and whips him off the ropes before landing a big boot to the jaw of Sheamus.

Henry: What impact!

Steel into the cover but again Sheamus manages to get his shoulder up before the 3 count.

Steel gets to his feet again and pulls Sheamus with him. Steel again whips Sheamus into the ropes and lands a huge powerslam as he comes back. Steel looks to go for the cover but gets to his feet instead.

JT: What’s he doing?

Steel climbs through the middle ropes and climbs to the top rope.

Henry: High risk from Steel! And he crashes and burns with the big elbow!

Steel looked to land a diving elbow but finds nothing but the canvas as Sheamus rolled out of the way. The referee begins to count with both men struggling to get to their feet. Sheamus uses the ropes to drag himself up just before Steel gets to his. Sheamus charges at Steel who ducks under but Sheamus bounces off the rope, before connecting with a big spear.

Steel drops to the mat as Sheamus drops on top of him.

1…2…kick out!

Henry: Sheamus was so close there!

Sheamus waits on the ropes as Steel gets back to his feet but is immediately felled by a boot to the back. Sheamus then stomps on Steel repeatedly before dragging Steel to his feet and delivering a big upper cut.

Steel wobbles and falls forwards as Sheamus catches him by the throat. Sheamus hits him with a clothesline before dropping into the cover.


Henry: Sheamus pins the TV Champion!

Sheamus stands up and lifts his arms into the air in celebration.

Henry: Hang on! Look who it is!

Conrad is walking down the ring and Sheamus stops as he notices him. Conrad continues to walk towards the ring and he climbs in as Sheamus calls him over. He walks right over to Sheamus and both men stand head to head staring each other out.

JT: It looks like we could see these two men go at it!

Boo’s begin to descend around the area as Jerome Dubois comes running down to the ring. He stands at ringside and shouts at Conrad to back away. Conrad doesn’t move for a few seconds, before he takes a step back. He walks over to the ropes, while not taking his eyes of Sheamus.

Dubois tells Conrad to leave the ring, and Conrad does. Conrad walks to the back with Dubois as Sheamus stares up towards them.


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Who needs a social life?
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02 Aug 2010, 14:07 #6

JT: Yet again another top notch edition of Escalation, and we still have the nights main event to come, and I can’t wait, I’ve been racking my mind all week trying to think who Reillys mystery partner is going to be, but I just can’t

H: It’s obviously going to be Gabriel, the worst kept secret in the history of the world. Gabriel is the only person on the roster of doesn’t mind playing second fiddle to reillys ego

‘I am Perfection’ blasts out the arena speakers and Perfect Jack and Jason Baxter stride out lit up by a solitary spotlight, the crowd boo loudly as they stride confidently down to ringside, Baxter sits on the middle rope, lowering it for Jack to enter the ring, the two men climb opposite turnbuckles and hold their arms aloft in the air as the boos continue.

JT: You know how you can tell how good a champ Perfect Jack is?

H: no, but I can imagine you’re going to tell me

JT: Listen to how much this guy gets booed, only jealousy can invoke this kind of reaction.

The jeers quickly turn to cheers as Big things poppin’ starts to play and Daniel Reilly walks out to the stage, he walks from one side to the other acknowledging the fans before starting to walk down the ramp, he stops at the bottom looking up at Perfect Jack in the ring, his music stops playing and all can be heard is the murmuring of the crowd for a minute or so

JT: Come on the suspense is killing me, who is it?

The Stroke begins to play as a wry smile breaks out on Daniel Reillys face and Perfect Jack kicks out at the bottom rope


Mike Logan runs down the ramp from the backstage area and joins Daniel reilly sliding in under the bottom rope as Jack and Baxter back down

H: Mike Logan hasn’t been seen in 6CW for a while, ever since Jack made him quit, he looks in impressive shape

JT: It looks like Baxter and Logan are going to get us under way here

The referee signals for the bell and the two men circle in the middle of the ring, they tie up and Baxter pushes Logan away

JT: Welcome back Mike

Logan gets up to his feet and ties up with Baxter again. Baxter starts to back Logan into the corner of the ring where Jack is, Perfect Jack gets a tag in as Baxter breaks the hold and Logan pushes him away

H: I don’t think Logan knows Jack has made the tag, he looks a bit rusty on his return

Jack runs up behind Logan who ducks out of the way forcing Jack to knock Baxter to the ground, Logan grabs Jack by the head and hits him across the head with his forearm several times before bouncing off the ropes and knocking Jack down with a clothesline. He picks the champion up and ties his arm up with an armbar and tags Daniel Reilly in to the delight of the fans. He climbs the turnbuckle and hits a flying axehandle onto the shoulder of Jack. Whilst Jack is on the mat Reilly hits a standing kneedrop before stomping at his head, arms and legs. He picks Jack up and whips him against the ropes and connects with a big spinebuster in the centre of the ring before dropping o the mat himself

Crowd: RKO x5

H: I think we know what Reilly has in mind

Jack slowly starts to get to his feet as Reilly prepares to strike, as he goes to hit the RKO Jack pushes him away and turns to make the tag to Baxter as the crowd boo. Baxter gets in the ring and Reilly knocks him down straight away with a dropkick, Baxter quickly gets to his feet but turns into a kick in the midsection and a DDT, Reilly climbs the top rope and jmps onto Baxter with a frog splash into a pin 1............................2.................................... Reilly breaks the cover himself and then gets to his feet pointing at Jack

JT: I think Reilly wants to get the pin over Jack and prove his point

Reilly picks Baxter up and whips him into the corner tagging in Logan, the two men start to kick Baxter down and Logan chokes him with his boot breaking before the referee disqualifies him. He picks him up and sends him flying across the ring with a belly to belly suplex, following it up with a couple of elbow drops before trying a cover 1......................2............... Baxter gets his shoulder off the mat. Logan motions for Baxter to get to his feet and as he does he grabs him around the neck with a cobra clutch before hitting a Russian leg sweep into another pin attempt 1..............................2..................................... Jack goes to stop the pin with an elbow drop of his own, but Logan sees him and moves out of the way, he gets to his feet and clotheslines Perfect Jack out of the ring over the top rope. Logan drags Baxter over to his corner of the ring and tags in Daniel reilly, they both whip baxter off the ropes and hit a double clothesline. Logan exits the ring as Reilly picks baxter up, he lifts him in a suplex position and drops him across the top rope to the apron outside the ring. He drags him head first between the top and middle rope getting ready to plant him with a DDT but Jack grabs the legs of Baxter and pulls him to safety outside of the ring

JT: Baxter looks in pretty bad shape, this is smart by Jack, allowing his partner time to recuperate.

The referee begins counting to ten as Reilly exits the ring he runs after Baxter who slides in the ring under the bottom rope, as reilly does the same Baxter kicks out at him, Baxter stands over him and continues to stomp, he picks him up and pulls him to the corner tagging in Perfect Jack. Jack slowly enters the ring as the crowd chant Jack Sucks. Jack kicks Reilly in the gut and hits a snap suplex, he gets up again without breaking the hold and hits another one, again he gets up but this time Reilly blocks the suplex and reverses it into a suplex of his own. Both men get to their feet, Jack hits Reilly who answers back with a right hand of his own

H: Jack may be the best wrestler out of the two men, but one thing he doesn’t want to do is get into a fist fight with Daniel Reilly

Reilly gets the upper hand and hits some hard right hands forcing Jack backwards up against the ropes, he Irish whips him but Jack reverses it, he swings wildly with a clothesline attempt which Reilly avoids, and Reilly wraps his arms around Jacks waist and lands a bridged German suplex into the pin 1........................2.....................

JT: Perfect Jack kicking out there, heart of a champion

Reilly picks Jack up by the head and as he does Jack gets a thumb to his eye and knocks him down with a standing dropkick. Reilly gets up to his feet but Jack connects with another snap suplex, he picks Reilly up and whips him down to the mat with a snapmare into a seated sleeper hold, he buries the knee in the lower back causing more pain, Reilly starts to fade and the referee raises his arm which drops to the floor

H: How fitting would it be if Jack was to put Reilly away with a submission move ahead of the match at Beachfront Brawl
The referee raises his arm and again it falls down to the mat

Crowd: Reilly x5

JT: Well if it falls down one more time thats exactly whats going to happen

The referee raises Reillys arm in the air for a third time

H: NO!!! There’s still fight in Daniel Reilly

Reilly starts to fight his way up to a vertical base as Jack refuses to break the sleeper hold, Reilly starts to elbow Jack in the midsection forcing him to relinquish the sleeper, he runs and bounces off the ropes and jumps at Jack with a flying crossbody, but Perfect Jack rolls through into a pin of his own

H: What a reversal by the champ 1.............................2.............................. Reilly kicks out

Jack motions for Reilly to get upto his feet and he does slowly, Jack grabs Reilly and locks his arms around him connecting with a Regal plex, instead of going for the pin he climbs out of the ring to the apron and hits a springboard elbow drop into the cover 1.........................2.................. Reilly again kicks out to the frustration of Perfect Jack.

JT: What courage here from Reilly, he’s getting to the champion ahead of their title match at the Pay per view

Reilly uses the ropes to get to his feet, he turns around to be met with a kick o the mid-section and..

H: PERFERCT PLEX, this one’s done 1.......................2.................

JT: Reilly kicked out again, Jack can’t believe it

Jack turns and shouts at the referee accusing him of a slow count before turning his attentions back to Reilly and locking in an ankle lock

JT: Perfect Jack is planning on beating Daniel Reilly with his own submission finishing move, the arrogance

Reilly is fighting against the hold and shifts his weight trying to get from his front to his back, he succeeds and manages to grab perfect Jack and roll him up in a small package pin attempt 1.................2........................ kick out by Jack. Reilly gets to his feet and Jack runs at him into a powerslam, 1.........................2.................. Jack kicks out again. Reilly waits for Jack to get to his feet and he whips him off the rope, hitting him with a spinebuster, he goes for a pin but the referee refuses to count

H: Baxter got a blind tag when Jack bounced off the ropes, he’s the legal man

As Reilly turns, Baxter runs at him, Logan comes out of nowhere and spears Baxter to the mat, He starts to punch at his head as Reilly stomps at Jack rolling him out of the ring

JT: This has erupted into chaos, referee has lost control of this match

Logan picks up Baxter and hits the Ego-Stroke II: Electric Boogaloo. The referee forces Logan out of the ring leaving the two legal men, Reilly prepares himself to strike as Baxter slowly gets to his feet

H: RKO!!!!!!!!

As Reilly goes for the cover Jack rolls back in the ring, Reilly gets up from the pin

JT: And to the champion, Reilly has gone RKO crazy......WHAT THE???????????

Reilly goes to Baxter for the pin attempt Logan grabs him around the throat and hits the camel clutch Russian leg sweep, he picks him up and performs the Ego-Stroke II: Electric Boogaloo

H: It was a set up all along

Baxter crawls over to Reilly and drapes his arm over him as Logan demands he count the pin

JT: not like this 1....................2...............................3

H: Perfect Jack and his partner have stolen one, look at the grin on Jacks face, he’d planned this all along

Jack gets to his feet after the RKO and joins Logan in beating down Reilly. Baxter slowly gets up and joins in as the crowd chant for Gabriel to come to his aid. Jack exits the ring and grabs his heavyweight title and orders Logan and Baxter to hold Reilly up as he plants the title over his head busting him open. When he falls to the mat he stomps on his legs continuously before barking instructions at Baxter. Baxter picks Reilly up and plants him in the middle of the ring with a Baxter Bomb. Jack barks further instructions at Baxter and Logan who drag Reilly over to the corner of the ring, Jack exits the ring and grabs the legs of Reilly and smashes them into the ring post and then ties in the figure four leg lock outside the ring as Reilly writhes in agony screaming in pain and tapping out frantically. Referees make their way down to the ring and eventually force Jack to break the hold

JT: You can’t help but feel that the damage has been done here, Jack set all this up, look at the three of them in the ring

H: That certainly tells the whole story, only time will tell what damage has been done to Reilly as this feud takes yet another twist.

The show goes off air with Jack, Baxter and Logan arms raised in the centre of the ring