New guy / collection and help needed

New guy / collection and help needed

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Im a long term watcher and just logged on

I own a growing list of flightgear RAF and RAAF from WW2. I have a few C helemts, H oxygen masks, Mae wests , tropical Mae West, RAF 1936 flight boots, RAAf 1936 boots, airtex shirt and pants.

Some of you may of already seen my webpage.. where i display and discuss flightgear issues.

In October will be displaying my flightgear at a Catalina Festival WW2 event in Australia... ... 0446395385
I am helping with this and so far we have 1 Catalina coming and maybe another onto the ramp at Rathmines NSW.
I am going to be teaching school kids for a few days before hand about flightgear at around 13 sessions maybe... and I am needing to find a RAAF WW2 era flight cap / garrison cap in a large size 60cm headsize....such as this one ... 1423.l2649.. Anyone got any leads on a cheaper one maybe?
I am still trying to get a WW2 issue RAF seat parachute fully complete .. just hard and expensive to find on ebay.