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d07c0m wrote:Bought a house :fire

Now have to buy endless amounts of stuff for putting in the house.

In Canadia or Germania?

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Congrats man 🍻

We’re ready to buy a house but now that this tax thing passed and we can’t deduct property tax (which is a shit ton here) from Federal taxes we’re worried home values are gonna drop. So not sure whether to not worry about it since they’d eventually bounce back up (but buying high sucks) or wait another year or two which (which also sucks because I’m already 39 and hate this condo we’re renting). I just want my own home and property!

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the housing market is so crazy right now

I'm confident it's going to correct (i.e., property values will drop off the table) at some point relatively soon but it's impossible to say when

it's partially due to the tax thing, more so in your area than mine (colorado property taxes are beans which is awesome) but more so probably because places in high demand/price are building out of control and prices are so high that the supply is going to blow past the demand

I wouldn't think any longer than a couple years but that's just a guess

it sucks, I want to buy a place too but I'm a little younger (35) and unlike you I don't have kids so I'm not in a rush, but you are in a bad spot on that for sure

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