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imported this guy courtesy of southcali40s, kinda hard to believe I've never drank a country club 40 before

I drank 16oz cans of it a few times in college but as far as I know 40s were never distributed in the PNW

this shit is good! definitely tastes better than what I remember of the cans

it's just smooth and easy to drink with zero aftertaste, this one seems to be extremely fresh

flavor is that of a watered down 7.5% big bear, or in other words tastes like what the 5.7% big bear should have tasted like

that's a pretty high compliment


edit: also this old country club review is one of the funniest reviews I've ever read on here


Let me start off by saying Uncle Kraker is gay. The only way Country Club stays cold is if you are drinking it at 40,000ft under the sea, or perhaps somewhere in Alaska. It is smooth going down but it tastes so bad that you are forced to taste it twice; once while going down and again while you are throwing this shit up. This is great for seasoning meat, it sounds crazy but you should try it sometime, it gives meat that raunchy flavor. Call me old fashioned but I sure love a raunchy piece of meat.