Getting Started

Getting started with Tapatalk for free. Subscribe to our paid tier to get branding-free controls or build your own branded app. If you are a coporate customer running a large community or multiple communties, email us at sales@tapatalk.com to see what we can help!


Free Basic Premium
All the tools you need to mobilize your community Remove Tapatalk branding from your community Build your own branded app
$ 0 /month $ 5 /month $ 10 /month
Free Mobile App
Unlimited Push Notifications
Unlimited Photos & Video Sharing
Adveritising Revenue Sharing
Link Affiliation Control
Branding Removal
Remove Tapatalk User Signature
Remove Tapatalk App Banner
Remove Image Watermarks
Google DFP and Admob Support
Branded App
Advanced Image Hosting Control
Your Forum Name & Logo in App Store
Branded iOS & Android App*
* Requires you to have Apple iOS Developer account ($99/yr) and Google Play developer account ($25) and grant Tapatalk access to create/manage your App.

Is your community a Self-Hosted Community?

Download and Install Tapatalk Plug-In if your community runs under your own infrastructure and you have full control to the system and the software.

With our step-by-step instructions, your community can be up and running on Tapatalk in 15 minutes. To get started, select your community software supported by Tapatalk below:

Is your community hosted by a community provider?

Tapatalk works with existing SaaS-based Community Provider - almost all the largest community providers already support Tapatalk. If your community is hosted by one of the below provider, there is no installation needed. To get started, just Log In to Tapatalk Site Owner Console with the username and password provided either by us or by your community provider to get started.

If you create a new community there, your community info will automatically sync up with our system and Tapatalk access will be ready almost instantly.

* If your community is hosted by Forums.net, please create your own Tapatalk Site Owner account and manually add your community to our network. There is no installation needed but you need to manually activate it by simply adding your community to Tapatalk.

** If your community is hosted by Proboards, your community will be automatically activated in Tapatalk. However, you do not have access to Tapatalk Site Owner Concole as Proboards team centrally manages all the Proboards communities in Tapatalk.

Thinking of Creating New Community on Tapatalk?

Tapatalk is currently working on a community platform to let you migrate your existing communities or starting a brand new community using our infrastructure. At the meantime check out our community partners at Proboards, Yuku or FreeForums.org to create your own community.